As Ninja Struggles To Qualify For The Fortnite World Cup, Stream Sniping Came Up Again

Everyone's favorite Twitch-streaming Fortnite player seems to be having a hard time. When a player got the drop on Ninja during a crucial Fortnite World Cup qualifying match, Ninja was suspicious about his defeat. While he never says the actual words "stream sniping," his stunned reaction to being killed implies that he doubts he was simply outgunned by a better foe.

The Fortnite World Cup is kind of a big deal, offering $30 million. That's the largest prize for an esports tournament, claims Dexerto. While several high-tier esports pros and Twitch streamers have already qualified for the finals, Ninja is strangely absent. That has to be a blow for the man who is seen as the face of Fortnite, someone who's been featured in phone commercials and on Red Bull cans for his connection to the game.

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Whatever his feelings, Ninja is not out yet. There's still plenty of time to get past the qualifiers, which end in June. The problem is, many other players are trying to do the same. And if Ninja (or at least his fans) are to be believed, other players are spying on Ninja's streams so they can find him and eliminate him.

A series of clips documenting one of these alleged stream snipers starts with Ninja playing as usual. He encounters an enemy in Lazy Lagoon's pirate ship. The two engage in a building battle, erecting walls and slopes at the ridiculous speeds Fortnite is known for. Then, a third person jumps in from out of nowhere and takes Ninja out.

"Well, that makes no sense. GG, I guess," Ninja blurts out after a shocked pause.

He then goes back and watches a replay of the match, tracking his killer. One marked difference from his previous "stream sniping" incidents is that he doesn't lose his cool. Instead, he seems to be trying to piece together exactly how this player knew where to find him. He eventually leaves the match without reporting the player or accusing them of anything. It's actually the person who shared the clips who titled them "Stream sniped?"

The Fortnite World Cup is just beginning, and it seems to already be hitting some snags. The most recent patch left a lot of dedicated players upset, and vehicles are a mess right now. If stream snipers are also running rampant, it won't be a good look for Epic Games. Then again, Fortnite has weathered worse controversies and still brings in the money. There's honestly no stopping it at this point.

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