Ninja's Fans Are Calling For A Stream Sniper To Be Banned During Winter Royale Qualifier - Ninja Stays Silent

Fortnite fans are calling for JSaturn0 to be disqualified after he allegedly stream sniped to beat Ninja in the Winter Royale qualifier.

Fortnite fans are accusing a streamer for cheating to kill Ninja during a tournament. Many claim that the person in question stream sniped to accurately shoot Ninja despite him being behind several walls. But there's a twist to this tale: for once, Ninja is taking the loss calmly, and even seems to be defending his killer.

The streamer at the center of the controversy is JSaturn0, who was competing with Ninja and many others in the Fortnite Winter Royale. The tournament is part of a new initiative of in-game competitions where players enter a special playlist to compete. Both streamers were playing in the qualifying round, from which the top 200 players will progress to the tournament's finals.

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The match proceeded as usual, with JSaturn0 hiding in a small structure he built. Suddenly, too suddenly for some viewers, he turned to face a wall, opened a window in it, and fired at another wall in the distance. As he let his bullets fly, he shouted "Ninja, it's Ninja!" You can see the clip below, courtesy of Dexerto.

The quickness and precision of his actions have caused many to question exactly how he pinpointed Ninja's location. He was surrounded by walls, so it should have been impossible to know a player was there. On top of that, he knew that the person he killed was Ninja even though viewers never saw a name pop up onscreen.

The logical explanation to many is that JSaturn0 was watching Ninja's stream as he played. Watching an opponent's stream to gain an advantage over them is called stream sniping, and it's a type of cheat that's plaguing Twitch. Ninja fans were convinced that JSaturn0 had done just that.

When faced with the "evidence" Ninja responded...quite positively. He watched the replay from JSaturn0's perspective, going over the footage in silence. After looping the moment back several times, he concludes that "he had to have seen me...I think he sees me break in through the wall."

Just a few weeks ago, Ninja accused a player of stream sniping and threatened to "guarantee his ban." So it's nice to see the Twitch star take a step back and carefully analyze a potential cheating situation. This time, Ninja comes out of a Fortnite-related drama looking reasonable. It's a good look for him.

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