Nintendo Still Has New Games Coming For 3DS, Says Reggie At E3

The Nintendo 3DS hasn't been completely defeated by its big brother the Nintendo Switch, as new games are coming this year.

Nintendo had a substantial presence at E3. The company released Fortnite for Switch, announced Dragon Ball FighterZ for Switch, formally unveiled Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, among other things for the hybrid console. One major thing was notably absent: there was no news on 3DS content. Despite that, Nintendo wants you to know that the small console isn't going away anytime soon. Back in April, Nintendo's president (who will be stepping down this month), Tatsumi Kimishima, said in a financial results briefing that Nintendo is "even preparing new software for 3DS for release in 2019 and beyond." Now, Nintendo of America President, Reggie Reggie Fils-Aimé, said to IGN that Nintendo will be announcing new games for 3DS in the coming months.

Reggie: "We're going to continue, we're going to continue to have some new games on that platform. We're going to announce, and we will over the next number of months, but it's going to continue to be a vibrant piece of our overall business, certainly here in the Americas,”

It sounds like 3DS owners have some things to look forward to. In addition to these yet to be unveiled titles, we already know that WarioWare Gold and the Luigi's Mansion remake are due out this year, while the remake of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story is releasing in 2019. What could Nintendo announce? IGN notes that Reggie didn't specify whether these yet to be announced titles would be first or third-party. On another note, in the same interview, Reggie commented on the lack of Mario Kart Tour, Nintendo's upcoming mobile app game, at E3.

Reggie: "In the case of Mario Kart Tour, we made the decision that there's going to be another opportunity to shed more light on that app, especially shedding light when it's closer to its launch,” “We continue to be on track to launch it in this current fiscal year for Nintendo.”

Via Twitter.com - Nintendo of America

With new game announcements for 3DS and Nintendo's next mobile app seeing release in the near future, the company has set itself up for a promising remainder of 2018. In the case of the 3DS, Nintendo seems intent on holding onto it for now. However, it is obvious that a good chunk of Nintendo's resources is going into the Switch. Pokémon, whose core installments are traditionally on small consoles like the Game Boy and DS, is making its way to the Switch.

Next year, Nintendo will release the next main RPG Pokémon installment. For the first time, the core installment will be released on the home console. The problem is that the Switch serves the 3DS's function - Switch is not only a home console, but also a portable one. However, as of Mach 31st, the 3DS has sold over 70 million units, according to Nintendo. The numbers are solid. But, the Switch is the hot thing right now, and will remain so for awhile. It will be interesting to see where the 3DS is in a few years.

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