Programmer For N64's Goldeneye Agrees: Oddjob IS Cheating

In an interview with several key developers of the Nintendo 64's Goldeneye revealed that even they think picking Oddjob is cheating.

There is a certain kind of human being who will discover the most unbalanced and overpowered character in a video game and use them constantly while feigning any sort of insider knowledge on why they keep winning so often. These overpowered characters include the likes of Cable in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and Meta Knight in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

The king of unfair characters has to be Oddjob from Goldeneye 007 on the Nintendo 64. The reason Oddjob was so powerful was due to the fact that he was half the height of every other character in the game.

This advantage wouldn't mean much in the present day, due to how dual-stick controllers have made it easy for players to quickly look around, but the awful Nintendo 64 controller and the terrible control scheme of Goldeneye meant that it took time to look down, meaning that the Oddjob players had free reign to shoot at you while you were still trying to line up your crosshair.

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It seems that the developers of Goldeneye have finally copped to their mistake, as several of the people involved with the development of the game have admitted that using Oddjob as a character in the multiplayer mode is cheating.

An interview with several key developers was held over at Mel Magazine, in an article called "An Oral History of 'Goldeneye 007' on the N64" which you can check out on their website.

The multiplayer mode is arguably the most famous aspect of Goldeneye 007, as the four-player support of the Nintendo 64 meant that it was easy to get some multiplayer deathmatch games going on, at a time when those kinds of games could only be found on the PC.

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The multiplayer mode in Goldeneye 007 was the part where the developers focused on adding as many entertaining and funny modes as possible. It was due to this lighthearted stage of development that Oddjob managed to pass without scrutiny. The developers knew that using Oddjob was cheating, but they kept him in any way and decided to let the players discover this fact for themselves and monitor their games accordingly.

You now have an official statement from the Goldeneye 007 developers to prove that you were right in all of those arguments you had as a kid when you said that using Oddjob was cheating.

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