Nintendo Already Working On A New Version Of The Switch Lite

Less than two weeks after the release of the Nintendo Switch Lite, the company already appears to be developing yet another version of the console.

Less than two weeks following the release of the Nintendo Switch Lite, the company already appears to be developing yet another version of the console. The news comes as Nintendo has filed plans to develop a new version with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

As is often the case, these filings do not reveal the exact nature of the project, and so we cannot state exactly what is going to be changed. However, the move is also not out of the ordinary for Nintendo and other video game developers. Nintendo, for instance, has many versions of its portable systems, including the 3DS, the 2D version, XL version, and more. Likely, the filing has to do with the ongoing issue of Joy-Con drift.

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The problem of Joy-Con drift on the original Switch console had recently reached a problematic level, with a class-action lawsuit filed against Nintendo for selling knowingly defective products. This has yet to be proven, but shortly after the lawsuit was filled, Nintendo immediately offered players a free repair, replacement, or refund for costs associated with their broken Joy-Cons in some regions.

In the lead-up to the release of the Switch Lite, many wondered how the new console would fare with this issue since the design appears to be similar to the original console. The worst fears of some players were confirmed when users made videos of the brand-new Switch Lite consoles showing drift mere days after purchase. This could be considered defective from the factory, but it is still not reassuring to see the problem pop up.

As a result, it would not be out of the question to see these new filings with the FCC relate directly to the issue of Joy-Con drift, and it would be ridiculous to think that Nintendo was not looking into this potential problem closely to ensure that its reputation remains as pristine as always.

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Initial tear-downs of the Switch Lite have been done by a number of content creators, and as always, Spawn Wave was front and center with his commentary on the new hardware. As it stands, the video below shows exactly what makes up a Switch Lite, and from his first examination, the Joy-Con components look almost identical to what is used now on the original Switch. This may be why Nintendo is filing for a new console that might get rid of the drift issue once and for all.

For now we can only speculate, and there is a good chance that this filing is simply a routine part of Nintendo’s long-term development plans. Most players are anxiously waiting to see if their new Lite consoles stand the test of time, because no one wants to mail away their hardware for a few weeks while Nintendo sorts out a problem that should not exist in the first place.

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