25 Nintendo Amiibos That Are Impossible To Find (And How Much They’re Worth)

There's no doubt that Nintendo is one of the most famous companies of all time. But there's also no doubt that pop culture figurines pique the interest of collectors everywhere. So when Nintendo decided to unleash their own collectibles of their characters, and even give them in-game uses for many of their titles, it didn't come as a shock when they started selling incredibly quickly.

The first round of Amiibo figures launched in June of 2014 specifically ahead of Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U and 3DS. While each figure was linked to that character's design in the fighting franchise, scanning the base while playing different titles also served many other useful purposes. Since then, Amiibo's popularity has stayed fairly steady. With new character models as well as new releases, some of which were from third-party developers, Nintendo has given their fans affordable ways to showcase their love of their favorite characters while simultaneously making them a bit more than something to have on display.

But as is the case with any collectible, there are some that are harder to find than others. Going to a store and picking out your favorite usually costs around $12.99. But if your favorite is one on this list, you may need to dig a little deeper and spend a little more. But be careful: just because they're worth this much doesn't mean that's what a seller will ask for it. Here are 25 Amiibo that are impossible to find and how much they're worth.

25 Bowser, Jr.: $20 - $30

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Ah, Bowser, Jr. The adorable little villain that is Bowser’s son. While one might initially think that putting Bowser’s offspring in Smash meant creating another echo fighter, Bowser, Jr.’s cart meant he had quite a unique moveset.

Maybe that’s why his Amiibo sold better than others.

It hasn’t raised much higher than the original price, though whether or not it’s been opened is always a factor. But if that doesn’t bother you, you can usually find one on Amazon or eBay for $20.

24 Bayonetta (Player 2): $30 - $35

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There were a few DLC characters who were given one regular Amiibo and one to represent their alternate costume. Bayonetta was one of them, with the first model resembling her appearance in Bayonetta 2 and the other (labeled “Player 2”) looking like she did in the first game.

The first figure still costs a bit more than it did at launch, ranging from $26 - $30, but the “Player 2” version is the more expensive one. Its value ranges from $30 - $35. It’s no surprise given this is her original look.

23 Guardian: $30 - $35

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Eventually, Nintendo began releasing Amiibo for characters outside of their Smash Bros. line. And one of their biggest was the Guardian from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Given its larger size, it launched with a higher price tag than other Amiibo at $20.

But due to the popularity behind that title and how well-designed the Guardian figure is, it has risen in value. Pricecharting.com lists it between $30 - $35, but many sellers on Amazon and eBay sell it higher.

22 Cloud (Player 2): $30 - $40

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Another character from Smash to get two Amiibo was Cloud from the Final Fantasy franchise. With his appearance in Final Fantasy VII being as beloved as it is, it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that both Amiibo are a little harder to find. The original figure is valued around $21 - $27.

Similar to Bayonetta, the “Player 2” version is the more expensive one.

It’s valued around $30 - $40 and features his look from the tie-in anime film, Advent Children. These were no doubt snatched up quickly by fans of the series.

21 Link (Ocarina Of Time): $30 - $40

Via: youtube.com - BlitzToys

In 2016, The Legend of Zelda reached its 30th anniversary and Nintendo released a few Amiibo to commemorate the occasion. Those featuring Link’s design from various games could be purchased by eager fans. But they have all, naturally, gone up in price since.

The figure that showcases Link’s appearance in Ocarina of Time is now valued around $30 - $40. This may seem a bit high, but I’m honestly a little surprised it isn’t more given how beloved that entry is and that other Link figures are higher on this list.

20 Alm & Celica 2-Pack: $30 - $40

Via: nintendowire.com

Every now and then, Nintendo will release a multi-pack of characters for a better value. But if you want them, you better get them quickly or else that better value will be non-existent.

For the release of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia on the 3Ds in 2017, Nintendo launched the two-pack of that game’s heroes, Alm and Celica. While the Fire Emblem community is incredibly passionate, there are many more casual Nintendo fans who would have no idea who these two are. So there are still other multi-packs with higher values.

19 Link (Twilight Princess): $35 - $40

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Slightly higher in value than his Ocarina of Time counterpart is the Link from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It was also released for the franchise’s 30th anniversary.

Each of these figure’s appearances are based on original artwork from the games, which is a nice touch.

What is a little bit surprising is that pricecharting.com has this valued higher than the Wolf Link Amiibo, which could’ve only been bought in stores with the HD re-release of the game.

18 Shovel Knight: $20 - $40

Via: polygon.com

If you’re a fan of tough platformers and haven’t played Shovel Knight, do yourself a favor and download it onto whatever system you have. The indie game first debuted in 2014 to critical acclaim and has since received several expansions.

The character is so popular that he was included in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a spirit.

That’s a big deal for something that came from such a small studio. The love behind the game led to his own Amiibo figure, which is now valued around $20 - $40 but can sell for higher.

17 Boo: $30 - $40

Via: youtube.com - Reynaldo Puerto

After Nintendo released figures for Super Smash Bros., they set about creating them for there other popular franchises like Super Mario. These can be used in all types of games, not just their own, and can give players extra bonuses or features.

So why is this floating little annoyance one of the more expensive ones? It’s hard to say, but it can be difficult to find it under the $50 price range, even if it is only valued around $30 - $40.

16 Link (Skyward Sword): $35 - $45

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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword seems to get a lot of flack from fans for its motion controls, empty overworld, and that it’s a retread of common ground. And yet, Link’s Skyward Sword figure is valued higher than several others.

Another one from the 30th-anniversary release, scanning this while playing Breath of the Wild leads to boxes falling from the sky that contain items like food or arrows. There’s also a chance to get chests that contain Link’s outfit from the game and, in rare cases, his sword.

15 Loot Goblin: $35 - $50

Via: ign.com

One of the newer Amiibo is also one of the more difficult to determine its value. It was released alongside the Switch’s port of Diablo III, though it could only be purchased at GameStop.

You can imagine, as a retail exclusive, it sold out rather quickly.

Its original price tag was $15.99, but the value has already increased to $35 - $50 since its November 2018 release date. However, as collectors snatched up every one immediately, purchasing it through Amazon or eBay will cost you a lot more than that.

14  Corrin (Player 2): $50 - $60

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Corrin was announced as a DLC fighter for Smash on Wii U before the game the character could be found in was even released. Despite this, they still became one of the more unique and well-liked fighters from the Fire Emblem roster.

In Fire Emblem Fates, players can choose to have Corrin be male or female.

The same is true in Smash and with the character’s Amiibo. The male version can be bought cheap enough for $15 - $20. But the female (or “Player 2") version is highly sought after and is valued around $50 - $60.

13 Gold Mario: $42 - $65

Via: polygon.com

Sometimes when one of these Amiibo is released, you can just tell it’s going to be worth a lot to collectors. Such is the case with the Gold Mario figure that was released in 2015 alongside Mario Party 10 for the Wii U.

It’s a little tougher to narrow down this one’s price range given how high people list it and depending on if it’s in the box or not. But Nintendo themselves are currently selling it new for $65. There’s also a silver Mario figure, though that one isn’t worth nearly as much.

12 Pearl & Marina 2-Pack: $60 - $75

Via: reddit.com

Nintendo has released several Amiibo figures for Splatoon 2 that add all kinds of nifty features to the game, though none of them are as pricey as their various multi-packs.

One of the cheaper ones features two of the game’s most entertaining characters, Pearl and Marina. But it is still rather expensive, currently valued around $60 - $75. Scanning any of the Splatoon figures brings that character into the game. But with Marina and Pearl, you can also get their outfits, take pictures in their Off the Hook studio, and add new features to the Squid Beatz minigame.

11 Toon Link & Zelda 2-Pack: $55 - $85

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While it’s certainly possible to purchase each of these figures individually for less, having both still in the box is for serious collectors. It’ll just cost them a bit more. This two-pack featuring the toon versions of both Link and Zelda was released for the 30th anniversary of the series.

This pack is now the hardest to find out of all the figures released at that time and is now valued around $55 - $85, depending on whether or not they’re still in the box.

10 Samus Aran & Metroid 2-Pack: $60 - $80

Via: amazon.com

As is the case with the pack of Toon Link and Zelda, both Samus and the Metroid from this combo pack could be purchased separately. But unfortunately, you’d probably still be spending around the same amount as you would for both of them together in the box, which is around $60 - $80. Nintendo themselves currently have it listed on Amazon for $67.99.

This pack was released in 2017 with Metroid: Samus Returns for the 3DS, which was seen as a return to form for the series. So it’s no wonder the Amiibo sold well.

9 Super Mario Odyssey 3-Pack: $60 - $80

Via: ebay.com

The largest number of figures that Nintendo has included in a pack together is 3. And while there are some that can be found for relatively cheap, such as the Super Smash Bros. Retro Pack that includes R.O.B., Mr. Game & Watch, and Duck Hunt, this Super Mario Odyssey bundle definitely can’t.

It features the three main characters in their wedding garb from the game’s finale and is valued around $60 - $80. It might be a tad cheaper to buy them separately, out of the box. But that’s not the collector way.

8 Gold Mega Man: $80 - $95

Via: ign.com

Mega Man is one of the most easily recognizable icons in gaming, which is completely natural given he’s been starring in games since 1987. Capcom and Nintendo are both aware of his status. And when they partnered to bring the Legacy Collection to Nintendo’s 3DS, they also gave players the option to purchase it with a Gold Mega Man Amiibo.

It’s always nice to be given the option to purchase a collectible alongside your game. But if you didn’t get that version, you could now buy the Amiibo for $80 - $95.

7 Callie & Marie 2-Pack: $83 - $120

Via: gamingpotential.com

Interestingly, the first Amiibo to cross the $100 threshold are two characters from one of Nintendo’s newer franchises who aren’t even that well-known. Together, Callie and Marie are the Squid Sisters, originally featured in the first Splatoon and who were brought back for the sequel’s Octo Expansion.

These were released ahead of the final Splat Fest of the first game, pitting the two sisters against each other. And due to how popular the two are among fans, this 2-pack has increased in value and can now be bought for around $83 - $120.

6 Mii 3-Pack: $89 - $130

Via: amazon.com

Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U and 3DS gave players the option to create their own fighters for the first time. There were 3 classes to choose from: Brawler, Gunner, and Swordfighter. And with a variety of moves to choose from and outfits to unlock, it was a pretty fun feature to include.

You could even make them as characters you wanted in the game but weren’t featured.

Even though these aren’t Amiibo of well-known characters in Nintendo’s catalog, this 3-pack is still one of the more expensive you can purchase. It’s valued around $89 - $130.

5 Poochy: $75 - $150

Via: destructoid.com

Poochy can be found across several of Yoshi’s adventures, always giving a helping hand to his dinosaur friend. So when Yoshi’s Wooly World was released for the Wii U (and later for the 3DS), Nintendo also released some Amiibo inspired by that game’s art style.

These don’t look like any other Amiibo around, making them seem a bit more special and homemade. Poochy’s Amiibo can be purchased for around $75 - $150. That’s quite the price range, but to some people the box is everything.

4 Mega Yarn Yoshi: $110 - $250

Via: amazon.com

If you wanted an Amiibo that also doubled as a stuffed animal, then Mega Yarn Yoshi is probably the one for you. It was also released with Yoshi’s Wooly World, as were three normal sized Yoshi Amiibo that came in green, pink, and blue.

While it was originally sold for $40, the value has gone up significantly since 2015. It is now valued around $110 - $250, so it might be best to go for one of the much more affordable normal-sized ones instead.

3 Splatoon 3-Pack (Alt Colors): $120 - $145

Via: amazon.com

There is a 3-pack you can purchase that features the original colors (Orange Inkling Girl, Blue Inkling Boy, and Green Squid), for around $25 - $40. But the much harder to find pack that features their alternate colors is the one for serious collectors.

Why Nintendo chose to make the same Amiibo 3-pack with different colors is unknown, but it definitely created a higher appreciation in terms of collectability. And that’s why Nintendo currently lists it on Amazon at $145.

2 Legless Peach: $41 - $152

Via: nintendolife.com

If there’s one thing that drastically increases the value of something in the eyes of collectors, it’s a defect. It makes the item more valuable since there aren’t many others like it. One such defect occurred in some Peach figures from the original Super Smash Bros line of Amiibo.

And this defect, somehow, made Peach without any legs.

Values for cases like this are hard to determine. Pricecharting.com has it valued from $42 (opened) to $152 (unopened). However, one is currently on eBay for $15,000 and another sold in 2014 for $25,000 when it was first discovered.

1 Two Cannon Samus: $385 - $500

Via: gamespot.com

Peach wasn’t the only one to receive a defect on their figure. There were some Samus Amiibo that were produced and shipped with two arm cannons instead of the traditional one. And just like the case with Peach, this makes the value harder to determine.

Pricecharting.com lists the opened version at $385 and the unopened at $500. There isn’t currently one for sale on Amazon or eBay, but one did sell in 2014 for $2,500. And I’d like to think that if one went up for sale today, it would go for a whole lot more.

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