Animal Crossing Townsfolk, Ranked

Hurry up, Nintendo Direct; the people need to know when the release date for the next mainline Animal Crossing game is. It has been seven long years since the last one; Nintendo is just teasing us at this point. We had other spin-off games like Amiibo Festival, Pocket Camp, and Happy Home Designer, but they are not quite the same as the mainline games. Soon we will get the date and everyone can breathe a sigh of relief. It is enough to have a definitive date rather than a vague timescale. For now, who are the best non-playable characters?

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10 Katrina

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The community always loved the mysterious and erratic Katrina. Her interactions were always interesting and her aesthetic was on point. Seeing her in the village square never failed to provide intrigue and suspense. People are also fans of her voice and chants.

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Unfortunately, Katrina only comes every now and again and her mystical teachings are not always reliable, so it means that she does, unfortunately, end up towards the bottom of the list. Believe me, Katrina is one of the best in-game NPCs (not counting villagers for the sake of time and sanity) and it is a shame to have to put her so low.

9 Tom Nook

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Tom Nook gets a bad rap from the Animal Crossing community; his high interest rates, sometimes skeevy ways, his general untrustworthy look. Tanuki are creatures you should be wary of, and Tom Nook is no exception. That being said, he does help you out in your time of need and knows his boundaries.


He just wants to run his business and work with his customers like any good businessman. Perhaps we should ease off of the guy and let him get on with his time; he cheered on Isabelle for joining Smash.

8 Rover

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Rover is a sweetheart. The sweet cat that joins you at the opening for many entries in the series. He is often on the bus or train carriage with you on your way to town for the first time. Rover is a cutie who just wants to chat with you and keep you company on your journey. It felt weird not having him around during Wild World for the first time, but it meant we got to meet Kapp'n. It was great that they got to open the game together in City Folk and New Leaf.

7 Kapp'n

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Speaking of Kapp'n, the old traveller is a wonderful old friend. His weird little songs, his random compliments, and friendly conversation are one of the best parts of Animal Crossing. He's a useful guy to have around, getting you from place to place, but he seems like he genuinely enjoys what he does.


Kapp'n is a comforting face and the perfect person to help ease new players in their first game. He can give some strange compliments to the player, but that's the kind of guy he is. It's cool that we get to meet his family in New Leaf, too.

6 Sable

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Sable is the shy, introverted sewer of the Able Sisters. She diligently works in the corner, quietly doing her best. She usually seems standoffish or even rude when you first talk to her but keep trying and she will slowly open up to you. Soon, she will reveal that she raised Mabel alone after their parents died and she worries that Mable will leave as Labelle did. Sable is a soft girl who must be protected at all costs. People think it's weird that she has a soft spot for Tom Nook, but they grew up together so what do you expect?

5 Mable

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The frontman of the Able Sisters store, Mable is friendly and eager to help you find the perfect purchase. She encourages Sable to talk to you and the other villagers and will scold her when she is rude to you. Mable is a cutie and is all about helping you out. You can tell she really puts her all into her business and taking care of her sister.

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Mabel's customer service is great, but she does follow you around very closely which does make us a bit nervous and can get in the way. Nonetheless, the community loves her.

4 KK Slider

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Of course, KK Slider was going to be on this list. Starting from humble beginnings, we first met KK Slider outside the train station in the original Animal Crossing. It was here that he established his love for playing for others and refusing to put a price on his music. The guy just wants to be free to go where he wants and play his music in front of an audience. This soft-spoken rebel's career only grows bigger but he always has a soft spot for his town.

3 Blathers

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Blathers was not going to be left off this list. Blathers is the owl who watches over the museum at night and naps there during the day. If you are a fan of catching fish and finding fossils, then he is most likely the person you will talk to the most.


Growing your museum collections combines a lot of pastimes like fishing, so you will talk to him most days. Finding fossils was a favourite activity to do in Wild World, followed by fishing. Many fans loved hearing him geek out about new finds or displays. Blathers is too underrated.

2 Celeste

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Even more underrated than Blathers, his sister Celeste is a super cutie. First featuring in Wild World, Celeste runs the observatory above the museum and is there to help you make constellations. She is full of celestial facts and is absolutely adorable. Making constellations was a great feature in Wild World and becoming friends with her is a lovely experience. If you become friends with her, she will even tell you that she thinks Tom Nook is popular. It seems he is more popular than you would think. Many are glad Celeste is a support spirit in Smash Bros. Ultimate and gets to shine there.

1 Isabelle

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Of course, Isabelle was going to be put at the top. No-one works harder than she does, especially in New Leaf. She works night and day to make sure that your town is the best it can be.


As the mayor's secretary, she does her best to work with the mayor and the villagers to make them happy. While it is cute that she has a little crush on you in New Leaf (let's go to the beach for a walk!) it is just like her to not act on it - she's a proper lady.

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