Nintendo Apologizes For Switch Shortages

Nintendo has apologized for shortages of the Switch, and promises more consoles by this time next year.

Nintendo has released a statement apologizing for the shortage of Switch consoles in the domestic market. Amidst the apology is the promise to deliver more consoles in the upcoming year.

The statement was released today on Nintendo’s official Japanese website, with ramped up console production being promised for the subsequent months.

The apology thanks fans for their continued patronage, before taking the wrap for shorting the domestic market on their Nintendo Switch console. They then disclose that they will ramp up production in August, including the Splatoon 2 bundle package. They then go on to say that for the foreseeable future, they will do their best to deliver their products to their domestic customers and keep the Switch console on shelves.

Via: goodgame.hr

The apology is a direct result of Nintendo’s infamous track record of not being able to meet consumer demands with a variety of their products; the Nintendo Switch being no exception. It is rare for a video game company to come outright and say that they screwed up, especially when it comes to internal operations like production. In addition, Nintendo has a history of maintaining silence when confronted with not being able to meet demand in the past.

Even though Nintendo is going on the record and apologizing for their production shortcomings, it does little to remedy the hungry domestic gamers that are left without a Nintendo Switch console for the subsequent future. This is not a new act for Nintendo, after widespread panic and extreme demand for their NES Classic systems caused Amazon to crash when it was released. Some theorize that the limited supply causing riotous demand is a deliberate move by Nintendo, making every console launch a ludicrous grab by consumers and an instant cash cow for Nintendo. One thing is guaranteed regardless of Nintendo’s intentions to live up to their word; Nintendo Switch consoles will continue to fly off the shelves as soon as they arrive. Hopefully Nintendo will handle production and domestic distribution better than past consoles, but looking at their past actions, it remains to be seen if they'll make good on their promises to their domestic fans.

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