Shigeru Miyamoto Insists Company Is As Focused On Online Features As Its Rivals

Nintendo guru Shigeru Miyamoto has insisted that Nintendo does not fall short of its competitors when it comes to the company's online presence and features.

People are becoming increasingly harder to please. That might well apply to gamers more than any other demographic. There are very few things developers put out there for the world to see that won't be picked apart and complained about by at least a small percentage of its "fans." The trouble is, those doing the complaining are often far louder than the majority who are fine with what they've been given.

With the gaming world changing faster than we can keep up with it at times, settle in for the complaining to get even more vociferous. The current generation of consoles is nearing its end, and soon our focus will shift to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett. That move will likely include a big focus on cloud gaming and an even bigger move to online gaming than we have previously seen.

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That begs the question, is Nintendo being left behind? The Switch continues to be incredibly popular, without question. However, there is no avoiding the fact that it isn't as advanced as its rival consoles on the online front. Mario and Legend of Zelda creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, was recently asked about exactly that during the 79th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, reports Game Rant.

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Miyamoto explained that Nintendo's lack of focus on its online features can give the impression that they're falling behind. However, he claims the actual situation is quite the contrary. When discussing VR and network services, the Nintendo boss revealed the iconic gaming company has "been experimenting with them in a variety of ways."

Miyamoto highlighted two things Nintendo takes into account when deciding whether to push forward with a service: whether it allows an enjoyable play experience and if it can be implemented at an appropriate cost. That seems fair enough to us. Nintendo seems to be doing pretty well for itself right now, whether you believe it is falling behind its rivals in certain ways or not. Whether that continues into the next generation remains to be seen.

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