Nintendo Responds To Bowsette: "We Have No Comment"

The Internet is currently buckling under the weight of all of the Bowsette fanart that has been created over the past few days.

Bowsette was the creation of Twitter user ayyk92, who created a piece of fanart that depicted a female version of Bowser - the aftermath of King Koopa putting on a Super Crown from New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. The Super Crown is a new item that allows Toadette to transform into a copy of Princess Peach, called Peachette.

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Bowsette quickly became a popular character, with fans all over the world creating their own interpretations of the gender-bent King (well, Queen) of the Koopas. There were even a few famous mangaka who got in on the fun, such as the creators of Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid and One Punch Man.


Bowsette has trended worldwide on Twitter, especially in Japan, where she has found a huge fandom.

It seems like everyone on the Internet has an opinion on Bowsette... everyone except Nintendo.

Nintendo hasn't shied away from referencing memes and making in-jokes in the past. They were quick to jump on the "Angry Luigi" bandwagon a few years back, so why haven't they done the same with Bowsette?

A Japanese gaming website called J-Cast news has reached out to Nintendo for a comment on the incredible popularity of Bowsette. The spokesman said that they will refrain from making any comment at this time.

It's odd that Nintendo would respond to questions about Bowsette with "No comment", especially as they would be well within their rights to never even mention it. Nintendo has banked enough goodwill with the fans over the years that they could never even breathe Bowsette's name and wouldn't be criticised for it.

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It's possible that the overtly sexualized nature of many of the Bowsette drawings is what is preventing Nintendo from endorsing her. Nintendo is the most family-friendly of all of the major video game developers and they may not want to encourage their fans to check out the fanservice-laden pictures of Bowser.

Nintendo may not directly reference Bowsette, but the Super Crown and Bowser can still come together in a future installment of the Super Mario Bros. series. It's likely that any version of Bowsette that becomes canon won't be the pinup model that she is portrayed as in many pieces of fanart, but there is still a chance that she may one day become canon.

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