Nintendo Is Giving Away An Adorable Carboard-Themed Switch To Labo Contest Winners

If there's one thing Nintendo fans love, it's console variants. So you can imagine how far Nintendo faithful will go to get an exclusive Switch system that looks like it was made out of Labo cardboard. That's the prize at stake in the Nintendo Labo Creator's Contest. The special Labo-themed Switch will only go to the grand prize winners of the contest, so only the best cardboard crafters need apply.

The contest was announced today via Tiny Cartridge and Nintendo's European site. That's because the different regions are holding different contests. In North America, the two categories will be “Best Toy-Con Musical Instrument" and “Best Gaming Experience using Toy-Con Garage.” European entrants will have to get more artistic, with prizes for "Creations", "Customizations", and "Kids."

The North American contest will accept entries from July 9th to August 20th. Winners in the U.S. and Canada will be separated, meaning there are four Labo Switches up for grabs. Each country will also get two runner-ups that receive a pair of Labo Joy-Cons. Entries will probably be accepted mainly on Youtube because the entrants will have to display their creations ability to play music and games.

The European branch of the competition will run from July 19th to September 7th. The "Creations" category challenges contestants to come up with an original Toy-Con design. The "Customizations" winner will be whoever decorates their Toy-Con the best. Finally, the "Kids" category does not mean people will be building children out of cardboard. It is simply there to give 12-and-under entrants a shot at winning something. One grand prize winner from each category will get the Labo Switch, three finalists will get the Joy-Cons, and semi-finalists will receive an unannounced prize. Entries will be taken from Youtube, social media, and other sources that will be announced.

Before anyone asks, no these Labo-themed Nintendo Switch systems will not be put up for sale. The only way to get one is to prove your cardboard skills. So get to tinkering, decorating, and designing. There will most certainly be some amazingly creative contestants out there (and hopefully at least one who decides to put their prize on eBay.)

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