30 Fan Versions Of Nintendo Characters As A Happy Family

Nintendo characters need families too! Check out these 30 versions of amazing Nintendo character family fanart!

What is a family? Sorry, after asking that question I just got lost in remembering Dracula's comment in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Actually, compared to him asking about mankind, a family makes sense too. Just think about your kin. While you may not be a household of James Bond types, there are secrets among every single person you call a relative. It can be as small as tinkling in the shower, or as big as robbing a bank. Hey, if you pulled that off and no one found out, good for you. The shower I mean. I'm getting a little off track here, but it's all related.

What I meant by that beginning question was what does a family mean to you? It could be a link of blood, or it could be a group of coworkers, or friends. Basically, the definition for family can be different for all of us. The same can be said for video games. A family of properties, all linked into one internal body. For this article, we're talking about Nintendo specifically. If they were real, how would Mario act around Samus? How would Luigi react next to ghost type Pokémon? How many banana trees would the Animal Crossing chief plant for Donkey Kong? It's up to the fans to decide. So instead of fan art just depicting two characters with kids, I expanded on the idea of family for a good number of these. I hope you enjoy my variety.

30 Pets Can Be Family Too


This art was drawn by lNeko-Hime and posted on DeviantArt.

Did you know that there is a canonical default name for the Pokémon trainers in all of the games? In Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, the male is referred to as Calem while the female is named Serena. I thought it was more interesting to find a piece of art that reflected their relationship rather than share yet another one starring any of the anime stars like Ash and Misty.

29 A Super Family


This art was drawn by TheBourgyman and posted on DeviantArt.

First of all, I'd like to point out that Peach has a mother and a father. I mean we know she does, but they're never really featured. Second, is this inferring Daisy is related? Where are her parents?

You could hit your head against a wall all day trying to figure out the Mario family line, but you'd eventually pass out. There just isn't any rhyme, or reason to the character's origins and that's fine by me.

28 The Big Clone Theory


This art was drawn by odinforce23 and posted on DeviantArt.

A timeline more confusing than Mario's is Metal Gear's. I'm not even going to touch that. Anyway that's not important. I love this piece reimagining what it would have been like if Big Boss and Eva settled down to have Solidus, Solid, and Liquid as children instead of clones. They could still realistically be clones here so I guess the funnier thing is seeing them in a "normal" nuclear family situation. Just imagine the shenanigans they could get into.

27 Where’s My Chocolate Bar?


This art was drawn by amito and posted on DeviantArt.

So let me get this straight. According to this fan piece, Little Mac and the female Wii Fit trainer are the Animal Crossing kid's parents? Either that, or those two are in love and just adopted him.

In terms of shipping fiction I can see where the artist is coming from. Both are athletic so it's safe to assume they'd get along. Not sure why they threw in the kid, but oh well. It's cute regardless of why.

26 Playing That Funky Music Mario


This art was drawn by amito and posted on DeviantArt.

I'm a little confused about the author's intent here. Mario looks a little grumpy. You could assume that's because KK Slider is on Yoshi who looks a little uneasy. Is Mario jealous, or is he just stage fright given that the two exchanged powers? I wonder what Mario would sound like if he did sing. Probably a lot of weird jumbled Italian like how he sounds in the RPG games.

25 Heartless But Happy


This art was drawn by Axelxlea and posted on DeviantArt.

I was able to find that Roxas and Naminé artwork without much trouble, but there weren’t a lot of family-oriented pieces online regarding Kingdom Hearts. In the traditional sense that is. There was, however, a lot of these seemingly reworked models from the games. There must be a program the fans share among each other. Anyway, this one asks a "what if" scenario wherein Riku and Kairi get together instead of her and Sora. He looks pretty chill about it.

24 Turtle Time


This art was drawn by HedgieMuffins and posted on DeviantArt.

One of the consistently easiest pictures to find online regarding Nintendo families, or fatherhood, or stuff of this nature, is looking for Bowser. Even though he's seemingly evil, he has a family.

Just because Bowser is a bad guy doesn't mean he's a bad, guy.

Does Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings actually love him, or do they follow his bidding out of fear? Like many relationships, I assume it's complicated.

23 Blaster Masters

via share-art-and-smile.tumblr.com

This art was drawn by citadel-garden and posted on DeviantArt.

When Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle was announced, tell me you didn't immediately think of Mega Man, or Samus. I mean that arm cannon is straight up from those games. I was crossing my fingers one of them would make a cameo, but sadly that didn't come true. Hey, at least I know other fans recognized the similarities via this art. There are others out there too so look 'em up.

22 What’s Going On?


This art was drawn by Gmoder3000 and posted on DeviantArt.

Speaking of Mega Man and Samus, what's being implied here? Is this just three friends having a fun photo op, or is it something more? The way its framed makes me think the author was going for a father, mother, and son pose since Mega Man is smack dab in the middle. Is this another popular Super Smash Bros. ship I'm not aware of? Captain Falcon and Samus birthed Mega Man I guess.

21 Father Of The Year


This art was drawn by Uroad7 and posted on DeviantArt.

If I had to pick one of the two plumber brothers to be a dad, it would have to be Luigi. Sure he's kind of afraid of everything, but that would make for a good guardian.

This is a preview of Luigi's Mansion 3: Babysitters Club.

The scenario seems like something out of a sitcom. Mario, Peach, Bowser, and Daisy all drink a de-aging potion and now Luigi needs to fix it. This has Waluigi written all over it.

20 Super Bakeo Sisters


This art was drawn by brokenamylee and posted on Zerochan.

Peach is always talking about making Mario cakes, right? Well, she must be good at it the way Mario keeps his "figure" even after running across kingdom after kingdom. It stands to reason that some of the other Nintendo ladies would want to learn. Zelda is a princess that gets taken too after all. What about Samus? Maybe she wants to make a poison cake for Ripley. He won't know what hit him!

19 An Oink Of Love


This art was drawn by Emily x Madeleine and posted on Zerochan.

I like this even more than my other Pokémon pair. First of all, to get the facts out of the way, these two trainers are from Pokémon Black and Pokémon White. The male trainer's default name is Hilbert and the females' is Hilda. That's a great name, but Hilbert is pretty lame. Anyway, I like the idea of these two falling in love after their Tepig do. It's sort of like a 101 Dalmatians situation.

18 Mini Games For Smash


This art was drawn by Ploki and posted on Zerochan.

This could turn into another great mini-game inside Super Smash Bros. Let's just throw Mario Party and that whole Monopoly motif in the trash and start from scratch.

Nintendo just put those mini-games in this series instead. Look how fun that looks and they're not even tipsy. Okay, I don't know that for sure. Zelda is looking a little red in the cheeks, which may be a sign of something more than frustration.

17 Taking It To The Streets


This art was drawn by SilentSarcasm and posted on Zerochan.

Okay, forgive me if I'm a little ignorant in my Street Fighter knowledge, but are those kids fictional, or are they part of the series? Doesn't really matter I guess. Whether this artwork is saying Ryu has had two kids with one of the ladies in the frame is irrelevant. What matters is that Ryu's friends are like family. They can pitch in to help. It takes a street to raise a fighter. That's the saying, right?

16 A Smooch For Crono


This art was drawn by Zetiz and posted on Tumblr.

Is the artist trying to say Frog and Ayla want to get together with Crono? No, I don't think that's the message. Rather, I think it's conveying their love for their party leader platonically, which is both cute and funny seeing as how he's the strong silent type. Technically he does talk in the form of dialogue choices, but by and large, Crono is silent, which is creepy, but goes with the times.

15 Half The Internet Belongs To Sonic


This art was drawn by AgentSkull and posted on DeviantArt.

The thing about Sonic the Hedgehog that I don't like is his fans. Despite the bad games people still follow the blue critter. Not only that, but there is a multitude of thriving fan sites complete with theories, stories, and art. A lot are, uh, let's say scary. Then there are the more innocent ones like this.

14 Passing The Fighting Spirit


This art was drawn by ChrisBMurray and posted on DeviantArt.

In my mind, Guile and Cammy would be a better match for a Street Fighter romance. But sure, why couldn't Chun Li and Guile hook up too?

That kid will grow up with powerful thighs and wicked hair.

Whether they should, or not is irrelevant. This piece is a simple and yet elegant way to tell a story about love, parenthood, and throwing in some video game nostalgia. I hope to take my kid to an arcade someday although I won't be the star of any games.

13 Switching It Up


This art was drawn by DrawsWithPaws and posted on DeviantArt.

This is more about the celebration of the Switch's one-year anniversary this past March, but I think it fits in well with my family motif. The Switch is like one of Nintendo's many children after all and the characters found within are family too. And hey, for a one-year-old, the Switch is pretty dang successful. You're going to go places kid. Literally because, you know, it's portable.

12 A New Class Is Born


This art was drawn by grandchaosSR and posted on DeviantArt.

At first glance, this pair may not look familiar, but that is a comment on how great the art actually is. It's a more realistic and grown-up version of Rydia and Edge from Final Fantasy IV. While it's never explicitly mentioned in the game, it's fairly implied, or at least hoped by the fans, that this pair would end up together. That baby is going to be a pretty sweet cross-class: ninja summoner.

11 The Witch And The Nobody


This art was drawn by Kiome-Yasha and posted on DeviantArt.

If Sora and Kairi are in love then that should mean the same should hold true for Roxas and Naminé. After all, Roxas is Sora's Nobody and Naminé is Kairi's. Shouldn't love extend into other versions of oneself?

That's a whole lot of bleach.

Does it really matter? The Kingdom Hearts series is pretty convoluted already so adding in that element shouldn't really stretch the narrative bounds that much. When you implement time travel then all bets are pretty much off.

10 Fire Emblem Might Just Be A Family Sim


This art was drawn by maybelletea and posted on DeviantArt.

The Fire Emblem franchise used to be fairly simple, but challenging strategy RPG. Then Fire Emblem: Awakening came along and turned this series into one big breeding frenzy. It may be weird to romance two soldiers together and to then look out for your time babies to then force into battle, but it's a really cool element. That's just what came to mind when I saw this excellent artwork.

9 The Curse Begins


This art was drawn by SatoakiAmatatsu and posted on DeviantArt.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow rebooted the franchise. While it took elements from the previous entries regarding mechanics and lore, it also wasn't afraid to put a twist on several characters. For example, as seen above we can see Trevor Belmont, his wife Sypha, and his son Trevor. The middle chapter, Mirror of Fate, is all about Trevor exacting revenge upon Dracula for destroying his parents. What a daring family of hunters.

8 Family Is Literally In The Name


This art was drawn by orangecake and posted on DeviantArt.

Could there be a more perfect entry than Mother 3? It's all about family even more so than EarthBound. Every day that ticks by without Nintendo announcing an official English translation of this Game Boy Advance classic is heart-wrenching.

How many times must I write about Mother 3 before Nintendo gets it?

Yes, you can find it online, but a lot of people aren't comfortable with emulation. This needs to get into the hands of every Nintendo fan!

7 Fix It Felix


This art was drawn by FelixSoapMacTavish and posted on DeviantArt.

I didn't quite get this one at first until I read FelixSoapMacTavish's description on his artwork. This is an imagined scenario wherein several Golden Sun heroes are turned into children for a day. Now it's up to Felix to care for Isaac, Garet, Jenna, Sheba, Mia, and Alex until the spell wears off. Sounds like a typical comedy plot you'd find on CBS. I can hear the show's jingle now.

6 Super Snowball Bros.


This art was drawn by amito and posted on DeviantArt.

Haha, get it? Instead of Super Smash Bros., well, I assume you understand. Anyway, I'd totally play a mode like this wherein everyone was in one giant snowball fight. If it worked for Splatoon it could work for this. Look how happy everyone is. You don't have to have fists and guts flying around in multiplayer just to have a good time and this is a perfect example of that fact.

5 Big Brother Club


This art was drawn by Amaterasu 121 and posted on Zerochan.

Now here's a cute picture. Ike, Link, and Marth, three of Nintendo's finest swordsman, all hanging out with the younger generation. It must be a tense situation. Jigglypuff can put everyone to sleep, Kirby likes to eat, Ness and Luke have psychic powers, and Toon Link is, uh, well Link, but smaller. They certainly have their work cut out. What would happen if Bowser Jr. were added to the mix?

4 Super Slumber Party


This art was drawn by Amaterasu 121 and posted on Zerochan.

This next one is sort of like a sequel to the previous "big brother" situation. Now it's time for bed and we can see the kids' room, which looks awesome.

There's so much more room for activities!

I like that Pikachu was added into the mix as well. He'd be a great cuddle. I also like that model R-Wing from Star Fox's many adventures. Not sure who the other boy is. Maybe it's the kid from Animal Crossing?

3 Too Many Characters


This art was drawn by Amaterasu 121 and posted on Zerochan.

Sorry, I had to post one more big family sleepover painting via Amaterasu 121. Whoever he, or she is, they are amazing. Not just at the style and artwork itself, but at capturing the essence of these characters through subtle emotions. For example, everyone is having a good time except for Ganondorf who has a begrudged look on his face. Fox also looks a little perturbed like he's trying to do business. They all love in their own way though.

2 Is That Your Real Hair Color?


This art was drawn by Amaterasu 121 and posted on Zerochan.

I never thought of it before, but Nintendo sure has a lot of blonde women. There have been exceptions to all three of these ladies though. Samus was shown with green hair at the end of Metroid. Peach had red hair at the end of Super Mario Bros. Finally Zelda had brown hair in Twilight Princess. These are just a few examples. Does that mean they're not true blondes? What are you hiding Nintendo?

1 Fuzzy Time


This art was drawn by Chibiterasuchan and posted on Zerochan.

What's funnier than some of the smaller Nintendo characters poking and prodding at Ike, Link, and Marth? That would be them attacking Donkey Kong.

Leave my banana and me in peace!

Pikachu is soft and cuddly sure, but he's also small. Donkey Kong, on the other hand, is huge with plenty of fur to go around. I also love the fact that Kirby is just there for the banana. Over DK's destroyed body I bet.

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