20 Nintendo Characters That Are Impossible to Cosplay (But Fans Pulled Off)

Whether you have fond memories of playing on the original NES or you've just started playing the Switch, nearly every gamer has an affection for Nintendo. Nintendo is one of the few names in the video game industry that has managed to stay at the top throughout all these years.

Many creative fans love to show off their admiration for the Big N with fan art, comics, animations, fan films, fan games, ROM-hacks & mods and, of course, cosplay. There's tons of great cosplay out there of such iconic characters as Link, Mario, and Princess Peach from both professional and amateur cosplayers. But what about stranger, less humanoid Nintendo characters, like Kirby and Pikachu? There's no way anybody can pull those costumes off, right?

To some dedicated fans, the word "impossible" is nothing but a challenge, as seen in these photos of 20 (Supposedly) Impossible Nintendo Cosplays. Here we'll see various cosplayers, both professional and amateur, pull off difficult Nintendo cosplays. Some of these are creative interpretations of certain characters, while others aim to achieve a near identical likeness to the original characters.

Get ready to stare in awe at the creativity and dedication it took to make these costumes. Maybe, with enough hard work and ingenuity, you'll be able to create breathtakingly unbelievable costumes such as these one day. But for now, set your sewing machine and PVC foam to the side: it's time to check out some awesome cosplays!

20 Genetically Engineered Weapon

via: droumerda.deviantart.com

There are a lot of Pokémon fans out there, and when it comes to cosplaying, many fans turn their costuming skills to dressing up as trainers and gym leaders from the anime and video games. There are many great cosplays of Ash, Misty and Professor Oak out there, but what about cosplaying as the Pokémon themselves? Now there's a real challenge, and some cosplayers have stepped up to the task.

Here we see cosplayer droumerda's take at Mewtwo, the legendary, genetically engineered psychic Pokémon. Apparently, they didn't think regular Mewtwo was cool enough, though, so droumerda decided to recreate the armor that was shown in the cartoon when Gary fought against him. The armor gives Mewtwo a cool, cyberpunk look, and it definitely makes for an eye-catching cosplay.

19 All Hail The King Of Thieves!

via: pinterest.com

The Legend of Zelda franchise could be the most beloved Nintendo series of all time, maybe even more so than Super Mario. There's tons of fan animations, cartoons and even a web series (The Legend of Neil) based on the iconic video game. And of course, many fans like to cosplay as both the hero Link and princess Zelda. Those cosplays can be pretty impressive, but what about that other iconic Zelda character?

While dressing up as the villainous Ganondorf may not be quite as impossible as other characters on this list, the copious amounts of green face and body paint required to effectively pull it off may deter some cosplayers. Not this cosplayer, who made an outstanding recreation of Ganondorf's appearance in Twilight Princess. This one is truly worthy of the Triforce of Power.

18 Ivysaur, Use "Blue Steel!"

via: Okarina of Time

With Pokémon being as popular as it is, there's of course going to be several amazing cosplays from the franchise on this list. Mewtwo, as awesome as he is, is still relatively easy for a cosplayer considering his humanoid body shape. Is it possible for a fan to be able to cosplay as a more animal-like Pokémon, like the flower-carrying lizard creature Ivysaur?

No, of course not. There's no way anyone can convincingly look like a small four-legged lizard monster. That's where creative interpretation comes in. Here we have a cosplayer who dons a blue-green top, wig and even face paint (with some dark patches on her cheeks for good measure). The flowers and leaves on top of her head complete the ensemble. It's simple, but super effective.

17 Beware The King Of The Koopas!

via: destinyhunter86.deviantart.com

When it comes to Super Mario characters, very few of them look easy to cosplay as. Sure, the heroes--Mario and Luigi--and the princesses like Peach seem easy enough to dress up as. They're all human. But they're also the only human characters in the game. The Toads, the Yoshis and pretty much every enemy are all strange cartoon characters based off of animals and mushrooms.

But when there's a will, there's a way. A cosplayer by the name of destinyhunter86 decided to go all out and create a costume based on Mario's infamous nemesis Bowser. Destinyhunter did a really good job creating Bowser's body. This photo provides a good view of the Koopa King's spiky shell, and shows he didn't skip on any detail.

16 Red Sonja Is Charizard

via: valenniacosplay.deviantart.com

One of the biggest debates among Pokémon fans is which of the starting Pokémon is the best. Each side boasts some pretty solid points for their choice, but one thing is inarguably true: Charizard is definitely the coolest. It's a flying, fire-breathing dragon, and you don't even have to look far to find it. Honestly, what ten year-old kid wouldn't pick the baby dragon as their traveling companion?

The only thing that could possibly make Charizard even cooler is if it was somehow also a hot girl. Fortunately, ValenniaCosplay had that same idea when making her Charizard costume, giving it a fantasy armor twist. This armor gives the impression of belonging to a dragon queen or fiery mage. It also makes me wish for a Dungeons & Dragons/Pokémon mash-up.

15 Monkey Business

via: natarai.deviantart.com

While researching for this list, I was hoping to find an impressive cosplay of Mario's first enemy, Donkey Kong. Unfortunately, the only cosplays I could find were disappointing, ranging from goofy looking mascot suits to generic gorilla costumes. There was even a naked woman covered in bananas and a red tie (tantalizing, but not really a cosplay). Fortunately, where Donkey Kong failed Diddy once again prevailed.

Natarai does a great job of portraying Diddy Kong, complete with the signature red Nintendo hat and even a tail. She even sports his pop guns from Donkey Kong 64. Seeing as Diddy Kong has the better platformer, spin-off game (Diddy Kong Racing) and even better cosplay, maybe Nintendo should just focus the DK franchise around this awesome little sidekick.

14 One Foxy Pilot

via: twitter.com

Even though there have only been a few successful titles in the series, many fans of the Star Fox games consider them to be some of the greatest aerial combat simulators of all time. Cosplaying as these characters does bring a couple of challenges. Not only is it difficult to create a believable fox mask that you can see through, but doing so could bring forth accusations of being a furry.

Of course, the whole furry stigma could be skipped by going for a stylized look instead. Jessica Nigri does this to show off her natural beauty, but she's also put together a fairly impressive costume as well. Besides the ears and tail, she's includes other important details, like Fox's scouter, the Star Fox belt buckle and even his neckerchief. The red hair is just icing on the cake.

13 Dream Land Princess

via: DeviantArt (DenoxPhotography)

When it comes to strange video game characters, Kirby is one of the strangest. A little pink ball with nubs for arms doesn't seem like the typical video game hero, but whenever Dream Land is in trouble, he flies in on his star to save the day. He might not seem strange next to all the other cute critters from Dream Land, but when compared to other Nintendo characters, he definitely stands out.

Since trying to create an accurate Kirby cosplay seems too difficult and would probably look ridiculous, model Stephanie Vega decided to recreate the character as a magical princess. Dressed in all pink and with Kirby's signature Star Rod, this version of Kirby looks like she would be the perfect star for a magical girl anime. Maybe this is what happens when Kirby swallows Sailor Moon?

12 A Giant Pikachu Approaches

via: aliexpress.com

As has been seen in the previous entries, creating a cosplay that is an exact replica of a Pokémon is difficult. And if it's not a humanoid shaped Pokémon, it's damn near impossible. But don't underestimate the ridiculous lengths some fans will go to dress up as their favorite cute Pokémon, especially if that Pokémon just happens to be the face of the entire franchise.

Here, a fan has created a life-size, inflatable Pikachu costume. Apart from the size, it's pretty much an exact match for the original electric mouse critter. While you've got to admire the determination of the cosplayer, you also have to wonder how difficult it is to move around in that. They can't sit down in that, and they definitely have to watch out for any sharp or pointed edges.

11 You're A Kid Now, You're A Squid Now

via: twinfinite.com

For awhile, the shooter genre seemed to be getting stagnant. Many shooters started feeling too similar, with all the gritty futuristic and modern warfare settings looking too familiar and boring. Then Nintendo came along in 2015 and brought new life into the genre by doing the unthinkable: a kid-friendly shooter that's actually fun. There are many great things about the ultimate paintball simulator that is Splatoon, and one of its most iconic are the Inklings.

This cosplayer did an amazing job of bringing the squid-kid hybrid to life. Not only did she manage to get the pseudo 90s fashion down, but she managed to pull of the twin head tentacles nicely. And, of course, there's the ridiculously oversized paint gun she's carrying. She looks ready to paint the town red (or whatever color team she's with).

10 The Bird Is The Word

via: DeviantArt (DallenaD)

Stylized reinterpretations of iconic Nintendo characters are really popular, and for the most part they're done really well. And while Miss Nigri's creative Star Fox costume is great, there's something to be said about those who strive to make an exact replica of non-human characters. But is it possible to make a furry costume that doesn't look completely ridiculous?

Amazingly, yes, as cosplayer DallenaD shows us in this cosplay of Fox's right hand man, Falco. This cosplay is a near-accurate recreation of how Falco appears in the games, from the outfit down to the beak. It almost feels like Falco really did just step out of the video game into the real world. While many people might be wondering how DallenaD managed to create this, I keep wondering, "Does this count as a furry costume? Is 'feathery' a thing?"

9 Mario, The Dino-Rider

via: DeviantArt (CavalierCory)

While he doesn't get quite as much screen time as he used to, Yoshi is one of Mario's oldest and most loyal companions. He even took care of him when he was just a baby, traveling all across Yoshi's Island to reunite him with his brother. Apart from appearances in Mario Kart and Party, though, he doesn't seem to be getting much love from Nintendo nowadays.

Of course, some fans still love the plucky little dinosaur, and even cosplay as him sometimes. Most of these look like standard mascot suits, but there are a few creative ones. Here we have a Mario and Yoshi combo cosplay, with the cosplayer's top half dressed as Mario and his legs moving around as Yoshi. It might not be the most elaborate cosplay, but it's a perfect recreation of an iconic duo.

8 It's A-Me, Cartoon Face!

via: pinterest.com

As was said before, the Super Mario series has had plenty of cosplays of it's iconic and heroic characters. But there aren't many great cosplays of Mario himself. People seem to think he's easy because he looks human. But as we've seen in his appearance next to the citizens of New Donk City in Super Mario Odyssey, Mario's not human at all. He's some sort of jumpy, Italian gnome.

Once we move past that mind-shattering revelation, we notice that many cosplays don't really capture his "non-humanness." This cosplayer, on the other hand, noticed what was missing and added the exaggerated features that Mario is known for. He's got the large nose, mustache, ears and weirdly coiffed hair down to a T. Sure, it looks kinda creepy, but so would Mario if you saw him in real life.

7 Meta Knight: The Anime

via: DeviantArt (A-kirra)

Many gamers tend to overlook Kirby's games due to their overly cute and kiddy aesthetic. It's a real shame, as some of Kirby's titles are regarded as the best in the 2D platformer genre. The only character that tends to catch these gamer's attention is the bat-winged, sword-wielding "dark horse" Meta Knight. His badass medieval appearance really makes him standout amongst all the other cartoon-like characters.

Here, cosplayer A-kirra tries to remedy this by making the already badass looking Meta Knight even cooler by making him humanoid. This cosplay is actually based on fan art by monosakura of anime versions of the Kirby characters. Meta Knight certainly looks like an anime character, with the hair and half-mask being a nice touch. Maybe Nintendo should consider making a Fire Emblem/Kirby crossover at some point.

6 Old School Vs. New School

via: DeviantArt (DragonFly188)

When it comes to impossible cosplays, many interpret that as just picking some weird non-human characters. Stylized reinterpretations of Pokémon are definitely a common choice, and this list does have plenty of them. But what about old school gaming characters, ones that didn't have artwork on the box and just relied solely on the pixels on the screen to represent the character?

The oldest of Nintendo's characters, Mr. Game & Watch, should probably be the most impossible out of all the company's characters. He's a 2D silhouette! But some fans stepped up to the challenge, such as the cosplayer in this photo challenging a Zero Suit Samus. Sure, the guy might have to walk sideways all day with his arms outstretched to get the perfect effect, but it's totally worth it.

5 The Fighting Fox

via: DeviantArt (GamerZone18)

Here's another outstanding Pokémon cosplay to add to the list. Unusually, Lucario's first appearance was actually in the animated movie Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, but following his appearance in the video games the Pokémon steadily grew in popularity. Along with being a Fighting/Steel type, Lucario can also sense and manipulate a creature's Aura, making it a very powerful Pokémon.

Given Lucario's humanoid shape, cosplaying as him is easier than most other Pokémon. Of course, execution is key, as an improper cosplay can appear like you're trying to make a Naruto version of Goofy. This custom cosplay, on the other hand, looks amazing, and is a perfect recreation of how Lucario appears in both the anime and video games. This is the work of a true professional.

4 Shall We Play A Game?

via: ericwalch.com

This one might be considered cheating seeing as no one's technically dressed up as R.O.B., but it's still impressive in it's own right. Back when the NES was first released, Nintendo feared that the prior video game crash of 1983 would dissuade consumers from buying their system. To avoid this, R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy) was packaged in a deluxe set to pass the system off as a novelty toy.

Once the NES proved successful, development for R.O.B. stopped, but that hasn't stopped some fans from paying tribute to the little robot. Here we see a project a couple of engineers put together. Though it consists primarily of a couple of foam core panels slapped onto a go-cart, it's awesome just to see a remote control version of our favorite robotic gaming buddy.

3 Clothes Make The Bounty Hunter

via: Alienware Arena

There are plenty of human Nintendo characters, but possibly the most popular one to cosplay as is Samus Aran, particularly in her Zero Suit. Not only is it a very attractive costume, but it's also pretty simple to put together. All you need is blonde hair, a blue, skintight jumpsuit and a body you're not afraid to show off. But what about her traditional Power Suit?

An entire suit of power armor is much more complicated, but there are some fans who are dedicated enough to put together Samus' classic look. Here we have a cosplayer who fashioned her Power Suit of off Samus' appearance in Metroid Prime. The shoulder pieces are especially impressive, as is the arm cannon. Now that's one space-faring bounty hunter you don't want to mess with.

2 Where's My Squad At?

via: Marie Newby Photography

And for our final Pokémon cosplay, we have a variation on Squirtle, specifically the leader of the Squirtle Squad from the original anime series. The Squirtle Squad was a group of Squirtles who, once abandoned by their trainers, decided to wear sunglasses and engage in delinquent behavior, such as stealing and writing graffiti. Eventually, the leader of the Squad (identified by his extra pointy shades) decided to join up with Ash, and the rest is history.

This cosplayer decided to take the Water-type Squirtle to it's logical cosplay conclusion and made a swimsuit based off the turtle Pokémon. The snazzy one-piece has the Squirtle's under shell pattern on the front, with blue frills, gloves and a wig to match Squirtle's skin. The real centerpiece are the sunglasses, though, which make this whole outfit look way too cool.

1 The Wahunchback Of Wario Land

via: knowyourmeme.com

Plenty of Nintendo fans have dressed up as the heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach are great and easy enough to cosplay as, but what about the characters from that other neighboring Kingdom, Wario Land? Wario is a well-known character, and fans of the chubby antihero do like to dress up as him, but as with Mario cosplays, there's something missing in these generic cosplays.

It's his ugliness. As good as some of the outfits may be, they fail to notice that one of Wario's key defining features is how fascinatingly ugly he is. This cosplayer, however, did not forget, though maybe he went a little overboard. He's got the hideously exaggerated nose and wildly unkempt mustache down along with his original attire. Maybe this is how Mario and the others see him.

Do you know any other amazingly impossible Nintendo cosplays? Be sure to let us know in the comments. 

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