15 Nintendo Characters Who Are Stronger Than They Look (And 15 Who Are Pretty Weak)

Nintendo characters might be some of the most intriguing video game icons to date. They ranged from small, big, normal-looking, and out of this world. Some Nintendo characters can fool us to how they look from their appearance, but their strength is incredibly remarkable. Can you imagine a small character being able to carry a giant boulder? Neither can we, but it would not be a surprise if some Nintendo characters are capable of having such power.

Delicate characters like princesses can be displayed with incredible strengths despite their position in-game, such as being abducted by their captors. A lot of gamers tend to bring up that they are weak because they let themselves get taken away, but outside of that, there are a lot of qualities that make them strong and useful.

When it comes to weak characters, there are two things to keep in mind. First: appearances can be deceiving, just like the characters who look stronger than they seem. Second: they might be with other characters from their respective franchises, but on their own, they are disappointing in both character and usefulness. Certain names probably popped up in your head, but you might be surprised to see where they are placed on this list.

If you think some of these characters are the other way around, that’s fine! The characters’ reasoning for being weak or strong is purely based on game lore and what we’ve seen so far. Here’s fifteen Nintendo characters who look stronger than they look, and fifteen who are pretty weak.

30 Strong: Bomberman

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With a name like Bomberman, it would be not so surprising knowing how strong he can be. He can generate bombs (obviously) with his hands and for what they can do, they are quite strong. Bomberman is also a part of an interplanetary police force stationed at Bomber Base.

Even though he looks cheery and happy, looks don’t always mean everything. This memorable character brought to us by Konami gave us one of the cartoonish yet strongest characters in Nintendo’s timeline.

29 Weak: Slippy Toad

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Slippy really gets all the hate for excusable reasons. His voice in Star Fox 64 is whiny and ear-grating, and it doesn’t help that he always gets himself in danger while he is out fighting with the Star Fox team.

No wonder he is mostly an engineer.

How many times did players have to deal with Slippy getting himself nearly doomed from any attack? Probably more than any other Star Fox games there are at the moment. He might be useful on the team, but he is better off staying away from the fights.

28 Strong: Pit

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Kid Icarus is one of Nintendo’s earliest titles and recently made a decent comeback in 2012 with Kid Icarus: Uprising. The main protagonist Pit is like a combination of three of Nintendo’s iconic characters: Mario, Link, and Samus. Since he is an angel to boot, Pit can also fly.

He also had to deal with his evil form, Dark Pit. He is able to face his mirrored form and that is one of the toughest challenges any video game character has to overcome.

27 Weak: Tingle

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This bizarre character from the Zelda franchise has a rather strange following in Japan. But does that really make him an interesting or capable character? While has appeared earlier in Majora’s Mask, we just couldn’t stand him in Wind Waker.

Why can’t he just do some of the quests himself? That would have saved the tedious grinding and maybe we would have liked this strange character a bit. And get this: he can only get away from danger by balloons. That’s totally not original.

26 Strong: Isabelle

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Honestly, if it weren’t for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for announcing Isabelle as a new fighter, then she would not be on here. In her game, Animal Crossing, she is the player’s secretary and she is darn good at her job.

While there isn’t any actual fighting in Animal Crossing, what she can do in Smash Ultimate is surprising. She is able to use a fishing rod, and even if it is a heavy character like Bowser, she has crazy strength that it is kind of hilarious.

25 Weak: Ice Climbers

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For this entry, we are going to put aside the Smash Bros. series and focus on what Popo and Nana can do. Just as their name suggests, they are nothing more than ice climbers. Also, these two work better as a team, so if one were to be gone, then it is impossible for one of them to continue on.

Climbing mountains is one thing, but their obstacles are not that stellar compared to other Nintendo characters. While we love this adorable pair, we wouldn’t want them to be fighting any threatening baddies.

24 Strong: Bowser Jr.

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Bowser Jr. might be an irritating squirt, but his way of handling Mario is something that we have to applaud for him being at a young age. After all, Bowser might be a villain, but he is an incredible father.

That’s probably why Bowser Jr. knows how to handle the Italian plumber by being Shadow Mario in his game debut. Since he is also next in line to take over his father, Bowser Jr. is willing to become the fearsome Koopa king in the future.

23 Weak: Luigi

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Don’t take this the wrong way. Luigi is far from weak, but he has been in his brother’s shadow for too long that we really pity him. His fear of ghosts is practically incurable, despite being able to save his brother in Luigi’s Mansion.

He is a fantastic character, but he relies too much on Mario and needs to get the courage to gain some independence. Luigi definitely has potential and he does have the capacity to get stronger. We believe in you, Luigi!

22 Strong: Midna

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This mischievous imp-turned gorgeous Twili has quickly become one of Link’s beloved companions to date and there is no doubt why. Even while she is in her small form, she knows how to pack a punch.

But her true form is something to be feared.

Midna can walk through walls to surprise people and put them at a disadvantage. Not only that, she can even transform into other people, which can be used as a great way to trick people.

21 Weak: Baby Mario

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Some video game babies are surprisingly strong, but there are unfortunate ones who were not so lucky first off. Mario as a baby might be strange and obvious to put on here, but he is defenseless that he cries a lot when Yoshi takes damage in the dinosaur’s game.

And since Mario is a baby, he does not possess the abilities he is known to have as an adult. At least he would grow up to be one of the bravest characters in the series.

20 Strong: Krystal

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Star Fox Adventures was originally based from Rare’s incomplete project Dinosaur Planet, and Krystal had a completely different design. From both versions, she is shown to be a strong and skilled asset from her solo adventure to teaming up with Star Fox.

Her staff has a lot of unique abilities, ranging from ground quakes, icy winds, and fireballs. Krystal can also use telepathy and sense distress signals from different planets. When someone is in danger, Krystal knows where to save the day.

19 Weak: Jigglypuff

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Jigglypuff is one of the most recognizable Pokémon from the first generation, mostly thanks to the recurring character in the anime. Singing does help its opponents fall asleep, but that is its only strength.

Despite gaining the Fairy-type, Jigglypuff still has a lot going for it when it comes to strength. On the bright side, this Balloon Pokémon is adorable and has a respectable fanbase. Just don’t get your hopes up if it is in a battle.

18 Strong: Tiki

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Appearing in the first ever Fire Emblem game, Tiki is a manakete who can transform into a fully-fledged dragon with her stone. Even though she was mostly sheltered from the outside world, she grew close to Marth and his group as she tags along to defeat Gharnef.

She would appear again in Fire Emblem Awakening where she has fully grown into a beautiful woman. While she looks endowed, she can still be the capable unit to take on her enemies.

17 Weak: Glass Joe

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This pathetic looking character from the Punch-Out!! games might be the easiest character to beat, but there is no way he could take on the toughest of opponents. The name perfectly describes Joe since he is about as weak as glass and can be taken out by a single punch.

He didn’t even earn his win.

With ninety-nine losses, he only managed to win one because of a freak accident. It’s a shame France has to have this character represent their people.

16 Strong: Ness

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Hailing from the Earthbound franchise, Ness is widely known thanks to being one of the unlockable characters in the first Super Smash Bros. Despite his young age, Ness is a gifted teenager with PSI abilities.

Being psychic certainly has its interesting outcomes. Not only is he psychic, but Ness can also release fire and electricity, just like how his appearance in Smash Bros. is portrayed. He does have a weakness to hypnosis and paralysis, but with his teammates, he has nothing to fear.

15 Weak: Ashley

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For those that endured the annoying aspect of the originally Nintendo GameCube exclusive Resident Evil 4, we salute you for dealing with this poor excuse of a character. Ashley is the president’s daughter, and she should, we don’t know, learn some self-defense?

Her yelling for Leon is also annoying to sit through.

She gets herself into danger when she should just stay by Leon’s side since he knows what he’s doing. It was also asinine to have a segment where we play as her. We are thankful she is never shown in another game again.

14 Strong: Yoshi

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This cute dinosaur might seem friendly at a first glance, but he is a capable fighter and knows his way in the games he is in. Plus, we have to give him props for having to deal with Baby Mario whenever we play Yoshi’s Island.

The fact that he can breathe fire and grow wings for a limited time also helps him. Yoshi can even gain speed by eating certain fruit in Super Mario Galaxy 2. We’d love to have him as a sidekick!

13 Weak: Olimar

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl might make Olimar look capable of fighting, but he is overall weak. In his respective series Pikmin, he has to rely on the aliens of the same name and while they were serviceable, that doesn’t help make Olimar look strong enough.

Since he is going to a different planet, wouldn’t it be assuring if he had some training for self-defense or maybe a weapon? It does seem out of character for him, but it would at least show that he has strength.

12 Strong: Zelda

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Princess Zelda is the one damsel-in-distress that is very reliable and will aid Link whenever she can, no matter what timeline she is in. While she looks beautiful and graceful as Hyrule’s princess, she is cunning and knows her way through magic and swordsmanship.

Speaking of her magic, it is unlimited!

There are so many things that she can do that it is wonderfully insane. She even was a goddess at one point, so be careful if you mess with this awesome and mystical princess.

11 Weak: Roy

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It is hard to figure out the truth about Roy’s debut in the Fire Emblem series since he is from a Japanese exclusive title, The Binding Blade. Those that played the game will quickly realize that, despite his popularity, Roy is as basic as a Fire Emblem lord can get.

He suffers from getting a late promotion in his game and the other playable characters will reach their highest potential before him. At least in Smash Bros., he looks fiercely intimidating and awesome.

10 Strong: Kirby

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As one of Nintendo’s most recognizable mascots, Kirby has a lot going for him. He is an adorable marshmallow-like creature that looks innocent, cheerful and a food lover. However, despite his size, Kirby can be your worst nightmare.

After all, once he swallows something or someone, he gains their ability to give him an advantage. Kirby is also very brave and clever, willing to take on his opponent without fear or hesitation. We could really use more characters like Kirby.

9 Weak: King Dedede

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King Dedede from the Kirby series is one of those characters who seems intimidating but is weaker than he looks. Being proclaimed as a king, he is also rather greedy and stuck-up. To make matters worse, he is not exactly intimidating or good enough to be a villain in any regard.

In general, Dedede is strong in his own way, but if he is classified as a villain, he does a pretty terrible job at it. Thus, that is why he is rather weak.

8 Strong: Mew

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While we would put Mewtwo on this list to show how powerful he is, we decided to put Mew here since, at a first glance, it looks too adorable to be considered strong. After all, Mewtwo would not be as powerful as it is without the cloning process from Mew.

Despite being mysterious, Mew has a lot of power.

Not only can it learn every single move except for signature moves or exclusive ones, but it is also adaptable so that it can survive where it resides.

7 Weak: Magikarp

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Really, is anyone surprised to see this Pokémon on the list? Widely regarded as one of the weakest Pokémon of all time, Magikarp can only learn three moves such as Splash, Tackle, and Flail while learning Bounce by tutoring.

However, that is what makes this fish Pokémon so iconic.

For now, let’s forget the fact that it can evolve into the ferocious Gyarados. Imagine being told that a salesperson offered you a Pokémon so strong that it can take you to greater lengths, only to be given a weak fish. That is the ultimate killjoy.

6 Strong: Corrin

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As a character, Corrin is probably one of the weakest lords in the Fire Emblem series, but we cannot deny how powerful they are. Not only do they possess great swordsmanship by training with their Nohrian siblings, but they also have dragon blood.

Talk about a diverse character in combat.

Their blade, the Yato, can transform into the Fire Emblem, and as a series staple, that means business. Even though they are weak against anything that is hurtful to dragons, Corrin is very versatile and gifted in fighting.

5 Weak: Navi

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Hey! Look! Listen! If those three words did not irk us while playing one of the best Zelda games of all time, we don’t know what did. She might have been useful to help Link, but we all know that she is just so feeble.

You can even squash her and she’d be done, but it is unfortunately not possible in the Zelda games. Sorry, Navi, not only are you very weak, but you are nowhere near as incredible as Link’s main love interest Zelda.

4 Strong: Metroid

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These iconic species from the series of the same name really shows that size does not matter. Metroids are incredibly dangerous depending on what stage they are from. Sure, they do have a lot of weaknesses and Samus can take care of them while going on her adventures, but what they can do is harmful.

For example, the Metroid larva are very ravenous and will stop at nothing to take some life energy for their own survival. It’s scary how something like this can exist in real life.

3 Weak: Regigigas

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Looking at this Pokémon from the fourth generation, it would be surprising as to how Regigigas is actually weaker than it looks. How is it that the other three Regis are stronger than the wimp king?

First off, it has the ability Slow Start.

That ability limits Regigigas’ attack and speed, halving it for five turns. Being a Normal-type also greatly hinders this legendary Pokémon’s battling capabilities. Regigigas might have interesting lore, but it is one of the weakest legendary Pokémon to date.

2 Strong: Princess Peach

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Yes, you are reading this correctly. Princess Peach might look delicate and has been captured by Bowser plenty of times, but she has been proven to be a powerful character in the Mario series. When it comes to physical strength, Peach might not have it, but being skillful and strategic helps her overcome obstacles.

She can even counteract Bowser’s magic.

While being captured might make her look weak, but Peach knows that Bowser wouldn’t hurt her since he only wants to marry her.

1 Weak: Princess Daisy

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So how is it that Peach is classified as a strong character on this list, but not her best friend Daisy? The answer is evidence. Daisy is a tomboy and does have the capacity to take care of things on her own, but she is just not that powerful compared to Peach.

From all we know in the Mario games so far, Daisy does not have any outstanding powers. She has physical strength, but that does not help her in the slightest. Maybe in future games, we will finally be able to see more of Daisy’s abilities.

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