Nintendo x Cold Stone Collaboration Proves Mario Tastes Like Blue Frosting

Cold Stone Creamery and Nintendo have teamed up to bring two new Mario-based treats to the ice-cream chain's fall menu. From August 28 through October 15, you can head up to Cold Stone and order either a Rainbow Sprinkle Road cake, or a Mario & Luigi's Masterpiece sundae, and decide for yourself just how well these flavors represent the world of Mario.

The Rainbow Sprinkle Road cake is based on the popular Rainbow Road map from the Mario Kart series, which is known for its colorful racetrack, and the fact that the road is floating in outer space with no barriers to stop players from falling off of the map. The treat is comprised of yellow cake, sweet cream ice cream, rainbow sprinkles and blue frosting. While these flavors might not directly relate to everyone's favorite mustache-sporting race car driver, they certainly nailed the Rainbow Road color scheme. Not to mention, you're sure to get a sugar rush that matches the feeling of picking up a Starman and boosting yourself into first place.

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The second item, Mario & Luigi's Masterpiece sundae, takes inspiration from the recently released Mario Maker 2. The game allows players to flex their creative minds, and create their own imaginative levels of the classic side-scrolling Super Mario Bros. series. In the spirit of the game's creativity, Cold Stone hopes to put together a sundae unlike anything you might see at any other ice cream store. Similar to the Rainbow Road Cake, this sundae is made up of sweet cream ice cream, rainbow sprinkles, and blue frosting. To mix things up a bit, the item also includes chocolate fudge, guaranteeing more flavor for your buck.

Along with the Mario tie-in flavors, Cold Stone is throwing in a Nintendo scratch card when you purchase one of these treats. The cards will award customers with Nintendo Platinum points, which can be used to redeem My Nintendo Rewards. Cards will be available while supplies last, so you probably shouldn't wait until the last day that these flavors can be purchased.

While it might not be an easy argument to say that these flavors perfectly represent Mario, they do sound pretty tasty and it's great to see Nintendo continuing to collaborate with other companies. To be completely fair, Colds Stone was better off not taking a literal approach to Mario-inspired flavors, because mushroom and goomba flavored ice cream doesn't exactly sound too appetizing. If you're looking for a sugar rush worthy of everyone's favorite Princess-rescuing plumber, be sure to stop by Cold Stone between August 28 and October 15.

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