Nintendo Confirms You Can Eat (And Drink) Pokémon

Since the dawn of Pokémon time (so about 1996), fans have wondered if you could eat Pokémon. Humans in the real world eat animals, after all. Now we have official confirmation that you can at least drink a Pokémon. The latest Nintendo Direct showed two new Pokémon from Pokémon Sword and Shield. One of these Pokémon is literally a pot of tea, and it was said that it may let its trainer drink it. Uh...what?

The Pokémon Sword and Shield portion of the Nintendo Direct focused on the everyday life of trainers. Character customization was shown first, confirming the return of clothing options popularized by the latest games. These will even be expanded to include more outfit variety than ever before, and even makeup. Trainers can also make camp with their Pokémon. Camp allows you to play with and feed your Pokémon, much like the Pokémon Amie function. It was here, with a trainer using the new cooking function to make curry for their Pokémon, that we met Polteageist.

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Polteageist is a Ghost-type Pokémon that, according to the Direct, has a body "made of tea, complete with its own aroma and flavor." So it's not a wispy spirit that just looks like tea. It is actual literal tea. Confirming this, the Direct goes on to say that "it may even allow a trusting trainer to taste its tea." Again, what?

Pokémon media has made reference to eating Pokémon before. The most famous example is Farfetch'd. Ash Ketchum's Pokédex said: "Farfetch'd makes a delicious meal, especially when cooked with leek. Because of this, Farfetch'd is nearly extinct." Oddly, the games just say the extinct part, making the cartoon the one place that outright says that people eat Farfetch'd. There's also the new Pokémon Alremie, who is made of whipped cream. Supposedly it sheds its cream, making it a favorite of chefs. But this is the first time Nintendo itself made reference to straight-up consuming a Pokémon.

The Nintendo Direct also confirmed another Pokémon, Cramorant. This Water/Flying-type bird eats instead of being eaten. It's known for swallowing entire fish whole and spitting them at opponents during battle.

So it looks like Game Freak is having a lot of fun with the new Pokémon designs. Sword and Shield, with all of its edible creatures, will release for Nintendo Switch on November 15th.

Source: Nintendo

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