Nintendo Confirms That NES Is Pronounced Ness, Not En-Ee-Ess

It either turns out that you have been pronouncing NES wrong all these years, or you didn't realize that everybody else was.

It either turns out that you have been pronouncing NES wrong all these years, or you didn't realize that everybody else was.

There are many things in life that split us as a society. Some are extremely trivial while others are of the highest importance. Some have an even, 50/50 split while in other instances the balance might be completely off. Everything from religion to politics to whether the world is round or flat, we all have beliefs and opinions.

The topic of this article might not be as serious or grandiose as the ones mentioned above, but it is one that has gone on for 35 years right under our noses without many of us even realizing it was up for dispute. The Nintendo Entertainment System is one of the most popular consoles of all time, the Classic version of the console outsold the Switch in June of this year, and is more commonly known as the NES, but how did you pronounce that in your head as you read it?


Believe it or not, there is a right answer, and even though the NES first entered our homes in the early 1980s we are only just hearing what that answer is now in 2018. In Wario Ware Gold for the Nintendo 3DS, players can unlock slides, one of which features a photo of the NES. Underneath it is just one sentence, and that sentence reveals the correct way to pronounce the console's names is "Ness".

That's right. Not Nez, not En-Ee-Ess, but Ness. As you can imagine, the news has the internet rather split with those who have been pronouncing it one of the wrong ways, which we're assuming is most of us, refusing to change their ways. Some of those stubborn gamers even have their own facts to back them up. During the 1990s, Nintendo ads in the US referred to the SNES as the Super En-Ee-Ess, as you can see for yourself below.

So despite Nintendo seemingly given us a definitive answer, it appears that how to pronounce NES and SNES may still be up for debate. Either that or the company has decided to change the way it's pronounced at some point in the past 25 years. Next thing you know we'll be told that the Wii is really the Why and the DS should actually be pronounced Nintendo Dees.


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