5 Nintendo Properties That Need A Netflix Adaptation (& 5 That Wouldn't Work)

With the recent success of Detective Pikachu in theaters, it proves that Nintendo’s franchises can successfully make the leap to the big screen, with a Super Mario film also on the docket for release. Sure, many of the franchises the company is known for could easily be a solid base for a movie, but what about a venture onto the small screen? With properties such as The Witcher reaching out for a Netflix adaptation, Nintendo has a huge variety of titles that would be great for the service. However, they also have a large catalog of franchises that should stay away from Netflix as well. Let’s take a look at a few that would work, along with a few that wouldn’t. Although… this is Netflix, they’ll probably end up getting canceled before they even air. Nevertheless, let’s see what would fit, and what won’t.

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10 Need: The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda was actually reported once upon a time to have a Netflix adaptation on the way, and while unfortunately, it wasn’t true, it got a lot of fans excited at the prospect. The world and stories of Hyrule are rich, and just about any Zelda game would make for great source material for a Netflix series.

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Let’s keep Link silent though. We do not need to repeat the sin of having that man talk again.

9 Wouldn’t Work: Super Mario

We’ve seen Mario TV shows, we know the quality level. It’s a big eh. Having Mario talk for extended periods of time is never a thing that anyone enjoys, and it just doesn’t seem that the current iteration of this character would work very well in a Netflix series format. It honestly makes fans wonder just how this animated Universal movie is going to work out. Honestly, just focus all your material on Luigi. Now THAT man can carry a show.

8 Need: Metroid

The Metroid series’ atmospheric and creepy storytelling would be great for a Netflix series. The places that Samus often adventures to are always interesting and complex, and the settings alone would be able to carry a show. Throw in some light storytelling in the vein of the Prime series, and you’ve got yourself a fantastic Netflix show. Just don’t let it get too Other M-ish please. Nobody wants that.

7 Wouldn’t Work: Animal Crossing

It really just wouldn’t work at all. Where do you even begin? Happy Home Designer? Actually… a show about a group of villagers branching off to start their own interior design company? Ok maybe.

Regardless, the Animal Crossing is far too dependent on player choice to make a solid Netflix series. The other villagers alone wouldn’t really be able to carry a show enough to invest in. Unfortunately, this won’t be happening any time soon.

6 Need: Pokémon

As previously stated, we know that a live-action Pokémon movie can and does work. Now, if we were to get a Netflix series that follows the plot of a mainline series title, it would be incredible. Unfortunately, we’d absolutely get a Kanto story again before we branched into other regions.

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We’re probably going to need our main character to talk for this one though. Sorry, Red. Actually, drop the player character and give us a Cynthia show. Give us the content that we probably don’t deserve, but really want.

5 Wouldn’t Work: Donkey Kong

Bananas are cool but do we need a show about who’s in control of the horde? Donkey Kong is always a fun series to play, but to watch? Not so much. We did that once already. The Kong island inhabitants don’t have what it takes for the big time Netflix life. We’ve seen those Smash trailers. Diddy and Donkey spend most of their time sleeping. Now, give us a series based off that Banjo trailer and we might be in business.

4 Need: Fire Emblem

One of the main attractions of any Fire Emblem title is the intricate stories they present, and the anime-styled cutscenes of late would absolutely work as a Netflix series. Whether they choose that style or a live-action series, Fire Emblem has the drama, action and substance to form a compelling series. Along with that, the school life aspect of the upcoming Three Houses would also translate beautifully into a Netflix series. Give it to us now Nintendo. Unnecessary time traveling children and all.

3 Wouldn’t Work: Nintendogs

Okay, maybe watching puppies for a 10-12 episode season wouldn’t be so bad. But storytelling wise… this is Nintendogs. There really isn’t anything in the slightest that would work for a Netflix series here. The series is devoid of any narrative presence. However, throw in the And Cats side of the series and you’ve got an Avengers-style crossover coming your way to a Netflix near you.

2 Need: Smash Bros.

YES. A Smash Bros. crossover series featuring each and every Nintendo franchise would be absolutely fantastic as a Netflix series. What would the story be? Who cares!

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It could be as completely incoherent like Subspace Emissary and it would still be fantastic to watch all of our favorite Nintendo characters interacting in an entire season worth of content. Literally, give us anything and we will take it. If any of this list comes to fruition, this needs to be the entry that happens.

1 Wouldn't Work: Star Fox

Netflix just doesn’t seem to be the right place for a Star Fox series. If any sort of adaptation were to come from these games, a long-form movie would seem to fit better. So, while this franchise could possibly work as a Netflix movie, it still doesn’t seem right for a series. Honestly, though, Star Fox as a franchise just seems better as a video game series. We really don’t need any sort of adaptation from this one.

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