Nintendo Games Can Now Be Bought Digitally Through The Humble Store - Will Humble Bundles Be Next?

Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch owners in the United States can now buy games on the Humble store and activate them on their console.

Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch owners in the United States of America now have a new option for purchasing games online, as certain games can now be bought digitally through the Humble store.

You can purchase codes for select Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch games through the Humble store, which includes some of the biggest titles for both systems, like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Mario Odyssey, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Those of you who are Humble account holders will receive a $5 discount on Nintendo games, but you currently cannot choose to donate part of the price to charity.

Nintendo games on the Humble store are currently limited to customers in the United States of America, but the Nintendo Switch is region free, so it may be possible for customers in other parts of the world to bypass this restriction. The Nintendo 3DS is region-locked, which means the same trick won't work for the system.

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The most exciting aspect of Nintendo games becoming available on the Humble store is that we may see more Nintendo Humble Bundles in the future. There were a couple of Nintendo Humble Bundles during the Wii U era which also contained games for the Nintendo 3DS, but the selection of titles was sparse at best.

Humble Bundle is a digital game distributor that specializes in offering discounts and giving proceeds to charitable causes. They started out working with indie developers and eventually moved towards the big publishers, with Nintendo being a huge get for the service.

The selection of Nintendo games available on the Humble store is limited to around forty games, which means that Nintendo is clearly doing a limited test run of the service to determine how beneficial it will be. If Nintendo's experiment with the Humble store works, then we may see their entire catalog of Eshop games being added to the service, including titles for the Wii U.

You can purchase Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch games on the American Humble store right now.

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