10 Near Perfect Nintendo Games That Never Got A Sequel (But Should Have)

As with a similarly titled article focusing on PlayStation games, this intro needs to clear up a few facts before starting. Most of these Nintendo entries are based on Metacritic scores of 90 and above. There are a few exceptions though, which will be made clear later on. On that note, the idea of a game not having a sequel has also been fudged a little.

There actually aren't a lot of Nintendo games that have never received sequels. Sowe had to get a little creative with his ideas on what a sequel is. For example, let's look at Final Fantasy X. That is the tenth main game in the Final Fantasy line. Up to that point in time that's how the series operated, but it all changed when it got a sequel, Final Fantasy X-2. So if specific games can get sequels, then so can some of these Nintendo titles. Make sense? Read on!

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10 Bastion (Metacritic 90)

Bastion first released in 2011 for the Xbox 360 and has since been ported to everything under the sun including the Switch, which is what this score is based on. It was Supergiant Games’ first title and still remains their best. It’s awesome that every game after has been original, but at the same time, it would be nice to see a sequel especially since they have learned a lot over the past eight years of making games.

9 Donkey Kong 64 (Metacritic 90)

There have been many Donkey Kong games post Donkey Kong 64, but since it is the only 3D game in the bunch, that’s why it is on this list. The idea that Retro might be making another Donkey Kong Country would be disappointing. Unless, of course, it is in 3D. Then it would be hype to the max. It’s about dang time this monkey crew steps out of the 2D safety net.

8 Shovel Knight (Metacritic 90)

It’s hard to believe, but Shovel Knight is five years old already. The crazier thing is that Yacht Club Games is not even done with their promised Kickstarter DLC packs. While fun, they are just that, DLC packs. The company has not had time to make a new game because of this. When it does happen will it be Shovel Knight 2, or something akin to a 3D game based around the N64 era? Either way, hopefully, it will be sooner rather than later because it is about time the team moves on from their original game already. It’s fantastic, but enough is enough already.

7 Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem (Metacritic 92)

Eternal Darkness released for the GameCube, and the GameCube only, in 2002. It hasn’t even been made available on a digital service. None of the GameCube library ever has, actually. Where is that rumored Switch GameCube store? Anyway, after Silicon Knights closed due to a complicated lawsuit with Epic Games around X-Men Destiny, the director of the game, Denis Dyack, tried to crowdfund a spiritual successor called Shadow of the Eternals. It did not go well, needless to say.

6 Metroid Fusion (Metacritic 92)

Metroid Fusion launched for the GBA in 2002. It’s been seventeen years and that is still canonically the last game in the timeline. What’s the deal? Let’s continue the story. Hopefully, Metroid Prime 4 will do just that, rendering this entry pointless, but since Prime is in the title, it probably won’t.

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Plus that is a 3D game. What fans really want is an official 2D continuation. The remake of the second game was cool, but it was just that, a remake. Make a new Fusion using pixel art akin to the GBA’s specs, or something equally as flashy like hand-drawn sprites like in Hollow Knight.

5 Super Mario Sunshine (Metacritic 92)

Like Donkey Kong, yes, Mario has had many sequels, but this fantastic game has been sorely overshadowed for too long. It did a lot of bad things for the series like adding in bad voice acting and way too much story overall. However, the key gimmick of blasting through a tropical paradise with a water backpack was always a cool idea. No matter what anybody else says, this game is a treasure and deserves a sequel in some form. If Luigi’s Mansion can get two sequels then this other GameCube gem deserves at least one.

4 Conker’s Bad Fur Day (Metacritic 92)

2001 was a different time. A time when gamers ate up cute characters swearing and being edgy. Well, Conker’s Bad Fur Day doesn’t really hold up as well today, but since the score is there, it may as well be on this list. Given that that game isn’t great nowadays doesn’t even matter. Microsoft owns the rights now, but they can easily work with Nintendo on this, right? Make love not war as they say.

3 Cave Story (Metacritic 93)

Cave Story first released as a free game on PC in 2004 from one guy, Daisuke Amaya. It is often regarded as one of the first games made in this current indie revolution the industry is currently in. While it has been ported more times than one can count, including a 3DS remake, it is crazy to think it also hasn’t received a sequel. Amaya’s studio, Studio Pixel, has made various games since like Kero Blaster, which is also awesome, but again, a sequel to Cave Story would be pretty boss.

2 Super Mario RPG

Okay, this one is both a cheat and a legit plea. Technically this game never got a sequel. The Paper Mario and Mario and Luigi games are both separate spiritual successors, but Square Enix never got a chance to make a true sequel since they went to Sony during the PS1 era.

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Bad blood with Nintendo, yadda yadda yadda. The SNES release is not rated on Metacritic, but doing some digging, it did get a 9.5/10 on IGN and a 10/10 on Nintendo Life when it was released on the Wii’s Virtual Console so that’s good enough proof of its beloved reputation, right?

1 The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

Same thing with Link’s Awakening. There is no Metacritic for either Game Boy release, but the digital release down the line did get a 10/10 from both IGN and Nintendo Life. At first, A Link Between Worlds was going to get nominated for this list since it got a 91 on Metacritic. It’s a long-awaited sequel to the best game in the series, A Link to the Past. It would be great to get a third entry, but then this guy thought, hey, let’s throw this other weird title a bone. Since this is getting remade this year, hopefully it sparks interest in a similarly styled sequel.

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