Nintendo Is Hiring A Manager For Its Online Service To Establish Its "Objectives And Goals"

Nintendo of America has posted a job opening related to Nintendo Switch Online. The company is looking for a manager for the subscription service.

Nintendo of America currently has 88 job openings at various places.  One recent, interesting listing, is for the position of a Nintendo Switch Online Manager.

According to the job posting, the Manager is someone "who can lead and drive Nintendo’s online subscription service." The listing goes on to state some of the duties of the manager, including communicating with the mother company in Japan, and establishing the overall goals for Nintendo Switch Online. Simply put, this is a very important position in the company right now. You can visit the careers page to see if you have the necessary qualifications to apply.

It's not surprising that Nintendo is putting a big emphasis on establishing Nintendo Switch Online. It is the company's first paid subscription service, and a major part of its business right now. The service allows for online play for many of its games, such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Splatoon 2. The perks of the $20 subscription is that users gain access to cloud saving (you won't lose your saved data if your Switch breaks), and access to a growing catalog of NES titles.

Via Polygon.com

Although many consider Nintendo Switch Online to be a good package, it has also been negatively received by others. PS+ and Xbox Live Gold are greatly liked by the community, while Switch Online is more divided. One could see the need for an Online Manager to influence the service, and look for ways to gain an overall better reception.

Although not officially confirmed, SNES games could be on its way to the service. That would be a big factor in gaining more positive reception. But from there, where do you go? If Nintendo is only looking to put retro games on the service, Nintendo 64 games could work, but what about GameCube? While players would love to see GameCube games on the service, Nintendo could opt to re-release certain titles in HD. These are interesting things for a manger and Nintendo to consider.

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In the meantime, players can look forward to more NES titles this year, according to Nintendo's website. Whether SNES games are coming sooner than later remains to be seen. Whoever fills the position of Manager has a key role in establishing a fanbase for Nintendo Switch Online. 2019 should be an interesting year for the subscription service.

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