Nintendo Labo: New Set Switch-Compatible DIY Cardboard Toys

Nintendo has just announced Nintendo Labo, a new set of DIY cardboard toys that are compatible with the Switch console.

Nintendo promised an upcoming announcement earlier today for a product that was aimed at kids or people who were "kids at heart." We now know that this new product is called the Nintendo Labo. This is a new line of DIY cardboard toys that are compatible with the Nintendo Switch.

The trailer for the Nintendo Labo showed off a set of cardboard toys that are used to house the Nintendo Switch or the Joy-Cons that come with the system. Each of these toys is tied to a different game that comes bundled with every Nintendo Labo Kit. One of them is a cardboard piano that can be used to play music on the system, while others include the likes of fishing rods, RC cars and a motorcycle handlebar.

The Nintendo Labo seems to be similar to the add-ons that were compatible with the Wiimote, many of which were made by third-party developers. The numerous extra functions that the Joy-Cons possess compared to the Wiimote means that there will likely be more interactivity with the Nintendo Labo products, though how much they will actually enhance gameplay remains to be seen.

The website for the Nintendo Labo offers more information about the product. There will be two starter packs at launch: the Variety Kit (which will cost $69.99) and the Robot Kit (which will cost $79.99.) The Variety Kit comes with six cardboard toys that you build yourself: two RC cars, one fishing rod, one house, one motorbike, and one piano. The Robot Kit comes with a robot suit. The software needed to use the Nintendo Labo comes provided with each Kit. You can also purchase a customization set for $9.99 that comes with stencil sheets, sticker sheets, and tape rolls.

Those of you who live in New York City or San Francisco can apply to enter a Nintendo Labo Studio event, where you get to try the product during a three-hour demo. You need to have a child of age 6-12 to be applicable.

The first two Nintendo Labo packs will be released on the 20th of April for the price of $69.99 for the Variety Kit and $79.99 for the Robot Kit. Having the release date for the product on 4/20 might be apt, as it suggests the kind of thing you have to be smoking if you are going to spend eighty dollars on some cardboard.

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