Nintendo Has Revealed The Labo VR Kit Games

Nintendo announced on March 7th that the next Labo set would bring the Nintendo Switch into the world of VR, as the player was going to be able to construct a headset out of cardboard in order to play simple virtual reality games.

When the Labo VR Kits were announced, there was no footage shown of any games that would be compatible with the VR Goggles or Toy-Cons and only two were described - a game where you fought off aliens using the Blaster set and a game where you use the Camera set to take photos of sea life.

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Nintendo has uploaded a video to YouTube that shows all of the games that will be available as part of the VR Labo sets, revealing what is in store for those who wish to bring their Switch into the world of virtual reality.

The Toy-Con Blaster set will include the alien shooting game that was mentioned during the announcement of the Labo VR Kit, but there is also a multiplayer game bearing the non-copyright infringing name of Herd Happy Hippos that involves feeding hippos in order to make them come towards you.

The Toy-Con Wind Pedal set has a game where you play as a frog and have to avoid being hit by balls that are fired from terrifying toy bears, while also headbutting any balls that come too close.

The Toy-Con Bird set has a game that lets you play from the perspective of a bird as you fly around an island while gathering food in order to feed your chicks so that they can join your flock. There is also a mode called Bird Dash that lets you combine the Bird and Wind Pedal set as part of a racing game.

The most surprising game is the one that comes with the Toy-Con Elephant set, which we originally theorized would come with a game that allowed you to play as an elephant. It turns out that the Elephant set is part of an art game that lets you craft images in 3D, in a manner similar to the Mario Paint sequel we always dreamed of. There is also a series of puzzle games that involve guiding a marble to the end of the stage using tools controlled by the Elephant set.

The Toy-Con Camera set is easily the most disappointing of the bunch, as the two games that come with it involve taking pictures of sea life beneath the ocean waves and photographing a cute creature who lives in a house. There is nothing wrong with either of these games, except for the fact that they are clearly not Pokémon Snap 2 and never will be.

There is also the VR Plaza that will come with an additional 64 minigames, some of which use the VR Goggles on their own and some which require the Toy-Cons. There is also the Toy-Con Garage VR, which will allow players to create their own simple VR Games.

The multitude of Labo VR games seem as if they will be simple experiences, but they are intended for a younger audience who may not have access to the VR headsets used on other systems. There seems to be a lot of content available for those who purchase all of the kits and the ability to create VR games will offer lots of fun for kids with wrists strong enough to be able to hold the Switch close to their face for hours on end.

The Labo VR sets will be available for the Nintendo Switch on April 12, 2019.

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