Rumor Confirmed: Nintendo Labo Is Now A VR Game Platform

Nintendo has announced that their newest Nintendo Labo kit is the Toy-Con 04: VR kit. It will include six VR Toy-Con projects, available as three individual sets or one full package.

Nintendo Labo is a series of construction kits which you build in order to make a variety of peripherals for the Nintendo Switch. These creations combine with the Joy-Con controllers to create what Nintendo has labeled as Toy-Cons.

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Each one comes with software which offers instructions on how to build the different objects, as well as a game to play using them. They are designed to explore and teach principles of engineering, physics, and programming. Once built and fitted with a Joy-Con controller the Toy-Cons will interact with the game software, allowing players to interact with their unique peripherals on screen.

The VR Kit consists of three separate parts. The first is the Starter Set and Blaster. This gives you the basics to get started in Nintendo’s build your own VR world. The goggles look to be using the switch console itself as VR glasses, appearing to house it inside. The blaster which comes with it has Joy-Cons on the side and in the front of the scope.

Alongside this kit are two expansion sets. The first is called "Camera And Elephant" and the second "Bird And Wind Pedal." There is also a kit which combines the three together which is called the Toy-Con 04: VR Kit.

via labo.nintendo.com

In images on the Nintendo Labo website we can see the different kits in action. The blaster and camera are fairly self-explanatory, but the bird and elephant much less so. Information revealed so far says the camera game involves taking images of fish in the ocean and the blaster game involves an alien invasion, but there is little else known about the other kits.

The bird kit image is particularly worrying showing a woman staring at the butt of a cardboard bird, while the elephant is a mask and trunk, which you appear to control by holding it. The wind pedal appears to be foot operated and is not to be confused for a giant shoe.

It remains to be seen what games will use these curious looking kits, maybe Duck Hunt extreme close up edition?

All will become clear on April 12 when the Nintendo Labo VR Kit releases for the Nintendo Switch.

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