Nintendo's Latest FCC Request Hints at Upgraded Nintendo Switch Following Switch Lite Announcement

Nintendo has made a move to allow slight changes to the Switch, including a faster processor and better storage. These changes should allow for an improved gaming experience for Switch users, including more efficient load times and a longer battery life.

According to a report from The Verge, Nintendo has filed a Class II Permission Change with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This would allow Nintendo to make minor tweaks to the device without having to get it recertified for sale. The changes on the claim include a change of the type of system-on-chip (SoC), which is the chip that controls the system's processor and graphics, as well as a change of the NAND Memory type, and a change to the CPU board to accommodate all of this.

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What does all of this mean? Well, a change in SoC type for the Switch could be a massive upgrade, as some may say the existing Nvidia Tegra X1 is now out-dated due to being a four-year-old chip. The assumed change here would bring in a new-and-improved Nvidia Tegra X1 chip that would allow for a smoother system performance, according to Eurogamer's rundown of the potential new chip.

Coupled with the memory upgrade, this would theoretically make for an entirely superior Switch experience. The change of NAND memory should bring in faster loading times for the system itself as well as for any game available to play on the system. For those who don't know, NAND memory is the same kind of flash storage used in a solid state drive. Quick and efficient storage is essential for any gamer who wants a fast load-up time on their Nintendo Switch.

It's important to note that these changes are for the original Nintendo Switch system and not the upcoming "Switch Pro," which is rumored to be released sometime next year. These updates are also not included on the recently announced Switch Lite, though that system does appear to have some improved hardware. The Switch Lite is set to include a newer, more power-efficient chip layout, as well as a slightly better battery life than the original Switch.

Now, these upgrades aren't exactly revolutionary. However, changes like these do point towards a brighter future for Switch systems as Nintendo seems to be dedicating more effort to enhancing the overall gaming experience.

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