Reliable Nintendo Leaker Says Pokémon News Coming Soon, Probably Next Wednesday

The last Nintendo Direct announced several new games for the Nintendo Switch that are due in 2019, but there wasn't a peep about the upcoming Pokémon titles that are still meant to be coming this year.

We may not have to wait long for news about the next generation of Pokémon games, as a Twitter user named Mug has put up a status saying, "Pokémon soon".  If you're wondering why anyone is taking this statement seriously, it's because Mug accurately predicted all of the announcements from the previous Nintendo Direct several days before it happened.

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The most likely day that we will hear any new Pokémon news is on February 27th, as that is the anniversary of the release of the original Pokémon games and has become known as "Pokémon Day," which means we have less than a week until we know whether this leak is real.

via: youtube.com

The question we have to ask now is what form the next Pokémon games will take. We know nothing about the eighth generation of Pokémon games, except for the fact that they are coming to the Nintendo Switch and are due to be released this year.

It's possible that the first console Pokémon games might be remakes of Pokémon Diamond & Pearl, which would help the developers in putting a game out so quickly, as they already had a whole region that was designed and is next in line for a remake.

The more likely answer is that the next generation of Pokémon games will be a brand new region, seeing as we just had a nostalgia trip with the Let's Go games giving us a brief return to Kanto.

Nintendo's 2019 lineup is hinging on two prominent franchises coming to the Nintendo Switch - Animal Crossing and the next generation of Pokémon games, neither of which we know anything about except for a release date. We're hoping that the announcement leak is true. If 2019 is truly the year when the mainline Pokémon games come to a home console, then Nintendo needs to announce something soon.

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