25 Nintendo Logic Comics That Prove Their Games Make No Sense

Any gamer will tell you that a suspension of disbelief is required for playing video games. Afterall, when the subject material is generally plumbers fighting dinosaurs to save royal princesses, you can't expect everything you see in a video game to be realistic! Sure, we could shrug our shoulders in confusion every time a character doesn't die from falling from a two hundred foot drop, but that would take all the fun out of things. Even though many video game companies try their best to construct a certain level of realism in their games, Nintendo is one company that likely won't be aiming for those goals any time soon.

Nintendo is a company that prides itself on family entertainment, making many of the characters and video game series they own less realistic than the typical war shooter we see saturating the market. In most cases, Nintendo gets a free pass when it comes to making games that defy logic, but even they sometimes cross the line which has us asking "How could this possibly happen?!" in a world that is otherwise driven by fantasy.

Fortunately, the internet has picked up on many of these ridiculous moments and has created a slew of comics recreating some of the most absurd moments in Nintendo history. Here are some Nintendo logic comics that will show you just how little sense their games make!

25 Employee Of The Month

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Super Mario 64 was revolutionary when it came out, putting the titular plumber in a 3D world for the first time and marking what would be the beginning of a whole new style of Mario games. The game was almost perfect (at least at its time of release) and it still holds up today, but like most Mario titles, there are plenty of issues with Bowser's attempts at taking over the Mushroom Kingdom that have been overlooked. To progress through Princess Peach's castle and in order to eventually defeat Bowser at the top, Mario must collect Power Stars in order to gain access to areas of the castle that are locked behind them... strangely, despite Bowser's ability to lock the doors, he leaves one open at the front of the castle, allowing Mario to start collecting the Power Stars he needs in order to defeat him. While beneficial for are hero, there is definitely a fault in Bowser's logic.

24 He's Always Watching

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Oh, Pokémon. You're probably the least logical out of all of the Nintendo games that exist, but that hasn't stopped us from loving you after all these years. Many people who played the original Pokémon games will likely remember trying to use certain key items in places they wouldn't normally work, whether it was a bike indoors or a fishing rod away from a body of water, only to be chastised by Professor Oak for trying to use said item at an inappropriate time. There may be an impression that it is the player remembering words from their mentor, but the game would have you believe that Professor Oak is yelling at you from four cities over, almost as if he has been watching your every move. Sure, maybe riding a bike indoors isn't the best idea, but it's not even an option when Professor Oak is on the case.

23 What's That In Your Pocket?

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Animal Crossing has never been a game that has really focused on realism, despite the game somewhat being an everyday life simulator of an actual town. Sure, the game features talking, anthropomorphic animals as your neighbors, but even that isn't the most illogical thing that happens in the series. One common thing that happens in all the games (and almost every video game in existence) is how they represent item management. Sure, your character can seemingly fit anything from a seashell to an entertainment center in their pocket, but no matter what the situation is, your neighbors always seem to know exactly what you are carrying along with you and will instantly grab your attention and try to barter with you. Maybe it's better just to not lug all that around with you in the first place.

22 Questionable Character Designs

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Nintendo has had a rather wide assortment of character designs for its franchises over the years, and this couldn't be better portrayed than in the Super Smash Bros. series. Since the game pulls from decades worth of Nintendo games, each character from the roster is quite different from the next, and the art styles don't always blend with one another. Jigglypuff usually wouldn't be a character that would have the necessity to grab anything (and with those nubs, how could she?) but in Super Smash Bros., getting a hold of your opponent is an important strategy. Sure, Robin can call her out on her lack of actual hands, but anyone who played Fire Emblem Awakening likely remembers the strange design choice to make the characters' feet look more like hooves. Don't throw shade at Jigglypuff, because she will throw it right back at you.

21 He Must Be Popular With The Ladies...

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This is likely something that crossed every young gamer's mind after first playing through The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Zelda's lore tells us of one particular race that has a rather interesting background. First introduced in Ocarina of Time, the Gerudo's are a race of warriors who are made up almost entirely of women, with the exception of one male being born every hundred years (and in this case, that male would come to be known as Ganondorf). Despite being mammals with both a male and female sex, a lot of questions are raised about how they copulate, considering their race is fairly big and it's hard to believe one male helped produce the entire population. But, considering this is Nintendo, these are questions we never really get an answer to.

20 There Was No One Better Equipped To Handle This Job?

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Earthbound may not have been the success over here in the West that Nintendo was hoping for, but it has still managed to become a cult classic of sorts and one of Nintendo's most wished for properties to be revitalized. The game itself was always a bit silly and never meant to be too logical, following a group of kids trying to save the world from an alien race, but it was the game's absurdity that made it so lovable. Sure, Ness and crew had a few special abilities to help them in their quest, but the idea of a few kids fighting off aliens with the likes of random kid's trinkets like a yo-yo or some fireworks was so ridiculous, it could only work in a game like Earthbound. Even though it seems like Nintendo has forgotten this series, we're still hoping they'll show it a little love in the future.

19 He Shouldn't Be On The Guest List

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Mario sure has grown popular over the years, ever since the first time he butted heads with King Koopa himself in the eighties. It doesn't seem like Mario is really the type to hold a grudge, however, no matter how much abuse and turmoil he puts Princess Peach through. It seems like Mario is able to throw the best social gatherings ever, but what's a social gathering without a big crowd? Sure, Mario and Bowser might not see eye to eye, but that doesn't mean they can't enjoy a good game of golf together. Despite their differences, Mario has no qualms about inviting Bowser along with his other enemies to any of his parties or go kart outings and who knows... maybe it's just his way of trying to settle diplomatic differences. Maybe Peach should be on board with this.

18 Nothing But Pawns

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Nintendo has dabbled in strategy games a few times over its long history in video games and even though they might not be as popular as some of their other franchises, they are still video game gold at its finest. The differences between two of their biggest strategy games is jarring, however. Many people playing the Fire Emblem games will likely be very careful strategizing their battle plan, due to the importance of each character and because if a character dies in Fire Emblem, that character could be gone for good. Not in Advance Wars, however, where your troops are pretty much expendable and you can buy more at a whim. Sure, the troops in Advance Wars might not pack the emotional punch that those in Fire Emblem do, but no one would ever be that reckless with people's lives in a battle regardless!

17 No One's Coming Back Alive After That

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I'm sure over the years, someone has come up with some kind of pseudo-scientific reason why Samus's morph suit works the way it does in the Metroid series... either that, or Samus is seriously no stranger to yoga. One of Samus's most popular abilities, debuting all the way back in the original Metroid was the Morph Ball, the ability to shrink her body down in size to that of a basketball, only to role around, plant explosives, and sneak through various crevices. Realistically speaking, though, how could that possibly work? The human body is capable of some amazing things, but being shrunk to that size and confined to that space... well, your whole body is likely to come out looking worse than a Jill-sandwich. We're willing to suspend our disbelief, however, since it is one of her most entertaining functions!

16 A Strange Physics Mechanic

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Super Smash Bros. has never really followed other fighting games in terms of gameplay. Despite being a brawler, it doesn't use the same mechanics other games use, but rather uses a hit counter as a means to tell how much damage a character has acquired. The higher the damage, the easier it is to knock your opponent out of the ring. Some attacks hit heavier than others, however, and are capable of launching people far despite a low health percentage. Yet if a characters hit percentage counter is extremely high, it almost doesn't matter what attack hits you. Even the slightest tap could send your character flying across the arena, completely ignoring the rules of physics in the process.

15 Careful Who You Joke Around

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We've already somewhat discussed the idea of expendable troops in strategy game's, but it would be totally unfair to leave the Pikmin series out of that topic of discussion. Pikmin are tiny little creatures that Captain Olimar can command in the game of the same name and they seem to follow his commands at a whim, despite him often times sending them to their deaths. The truth is, Pikmin are easily harvested, hence they are quite expendable. Sure, you can keep them alive, but this feat is almost impossible during boss fights, making this game almost like a Pikmin genocide simulator. It's definitely one of Nintendo's crueler family games... just at the very least, try to be sensitive as to what you say around the little guys.

14 The Least Realistic Shooter Ever

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Shooters have become so popular in the video game market that it only seemed like it was a matter of time before Nintendo tried to get a slice of the same pie. The question on most people's minds however was wondering how Nintendo could make a shooter that was non-violent and family friendly... the answer? Throw all logic out the window. Splatoon doesn't use typical weaponry found in most shooters, but instead, resembles that of a paintball match. Ammunition is never really an issue, however, seemingly coming from an infinite source. When your character is out of ammo, you simply turn into an ink splotch and absorb ink that is already on the ground without actually removing it from the ground. Somehow, in Inkopolis, ink can't be destroyed, only created. Sure, it may not make sense, but it is a pretty good time either way.

13 Are You Going To Even Use That Shark?

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The economy in the Animal Crossing games makes next to no sense as it seems like money barely circulates among the townspeople. In fact, most of your debt will be repaid by selling your belongings to major stores and business owners that dominate the market and a majority of the money in the economy (wait, maybe it does make sense). One of the highest selling items in Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a wide assortment of sharks, allowing players to catch a bunch of these creatures and sell it back for a pretty bell... the real question is why these retail stores would be buying sharks in the first place. Sure, they may be price worthy, but what is the Re-Tail store that sells furniture and trinkets going to do with four white sharks?

12 Speaking Of Sharks...

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Since we're on the topic of sharks in Animal Crossing, how many deaths do you think occur annually in Animal Crossing towns as a result of shark attacks? For a seemingly peaceful game, those are some seriously dangerous oceans, yet the townsfolk treat them like they are just every day fish. I've seen some pretty impressive fishing videos, but I've never seen someone just catch a shark with an ordinary fishing rod. The characters in this game must pack a serious punch at the gym. And while trying to pay off that pesky loan to Tom Nook, it's not uncommon to catch multiple sharks at a time to cash them in for a wide load of bells... but where does your character keep these sharks? Their magical pockets, of course.

11 So You're Telling Me This Wasn't Vegan?!

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Food items have always been a source for health dating back to some of the earliest video games and even though I'll never understand how a steak is meant to heal an arrow to the knee, it's a type of video game logic that probably won't be disappearing any time soon. Kid Icarus: Uprising is another game that uses food as a source for health. I could easily go into how chocolate bars and hamburgers weren't a likely source of food for citizens of early Greek civilization, but how the food in the Kid Icarus universe could easily ruin that vegetarian diet you've been trying out. The Eggplant Wizard, one of Nintendo's stranger enemies, turns its opponents into eggplants... meaning Pit could just as easily be eating another human. And who's to say eggplants are the only food that are being transformed from humans? It's very possible that nothing could have been safe to eat back then with that type of sorcery.

10 The Master Of Disguise

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Link has had to disguise himself to infiltrate certain areas throughout The Legend of Zelda in quite a few chapters of this epic saga, whether it was cross dressing in the more recent Breath of the Wild to get in the Gerudo fortress or whether it was utilizing the wide assortment of masks he held in Majora's Mask. Certain areas will not be accessible unless you are able to slip by a non-playable character in a disguise... strangely enough, the game has no issue with you disguising yourself right in front of the NPC. Sure, Link might be a master of disguise, but when he is denied access to an area only to put a Zora mask on right in front of someone, it seems silly for him to be instantly welcomed with open arms, but that's Nintendo logic for you.

9 Mother Knows Best

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Ness isn't your ordinary protagonist that you'd see in most video games, whether it's the fact that he's only a thirteen year old boy or the fact that he has psychic powers. Despite his unusual strength, the idea of a kid that young venturing off alone to save the world is a little bit silly... strangely enough, Ness's mother seems to have no issue with that. Despite being well aware of the dangers that lurk the streets at night, Ness's mother has no problem arming her son with an old baseball bat and sending him off on his way at the middle of the night. But under absolutely no circumstances should Ness head outside in his pajamas! It's cold out there, afterall, and heaven forbid Ness catch the sniffles. If there were a "Mother of the Year" award in video games, Ness's mother would definitely be the winner.

8 Putting The Dog To Rest

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Let's be honest: absolutely no one liked the dog from Duck Hunt. at least not until he was a playable character in the most recent Super Smash Bros. Despite the dog technically being on your side, his pesky laugh every time you would lose a game of Duck Hunt was irritating beyond belief, enraging players everywhere. Laughing at someone with a deadly weapon though? Probably not the best idea in real life, and I dare say that anyone who has played Duck Hunt has tried to fire a few rounds into this dog when it was on screen laughing at them, making Duck Hunt a rather strange example of how easily enraged people can get after being teased.

7 Not The Lightest On His Feet

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The Legend of Zelda has carried a certain animation over the course of all its games since the very beginning... after Link acquire's an item, he holds it over his head in all its glory as a description of the item flashes across the screen. Even though this animation isn't really meant to be taken literally, it's still fun to joke about Link's gesture every time he finds something. The Iron Boots from Ocarina of Time somewhat pose a problem for this animation, however. Considering the boots can sink Link to the bottom of the ocean floor, these boots are likely pretty heavy and Link probably wouldn't be able to lift them over his head. Even if he could, they'd likely fall flat on his face, ending his journey faster than Ganon's minions even could.

6 Strange Things People Do With Pokémon

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The Pokémon series has had some of the strangest dialogue lines out of any Nintendo game in history from non-playable characters, whether its is a kid spouting off about how much he likes shorts resulting in a Pokémon battle or a guy claiming "Two buff guys standing side to side. That's All. What? What's the problem?" Many of them leave us scratching our heads thinking "what was that all about?" While there's no end to the absurdity, one NPC in Pokémon X and Y admits to liking to stick his nose in his Tauros's neck and take a big whiff... often times, we don't think twice about these lines, but when you get the visual image in your head, it's a whole different ball game. But, as far as Pokémon logic goes, almost anything is fair game.

5 How Not To Catch A Pokémon

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Snorlax certainly has gotten a bad rep for obnoxiously blocking Pokémon trainers' paths throughout the Pokémon series' run. yet for any trainer hoping to catch the wild beast, the means of moving him really doesn't make much sense. Yes, I understand trainers need to wake him up to get him out of the way... but if you're intending to catch it? It makes way more sense to let the big lug sleep since the status effect makes Pokémon way easier to catch. And what's to stop a trainer from lowering a Snorlax's health points while it's already asleep? The Pokéeflute may be a Key Item, but it'd be about as useless as a Magikarp on land in real life.

4 How Does This Help Reconstruction, Exactly?

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Anyone who played the original Xenoblade Chronicles might remember a rather large subquest during the game which tasked the players with rebuilding one of the many towns and last human civilizations. I ultimately skipped this quest as it seemed like quite a bit of work with little payout, but I'm sure it had some perks in the grand scheme of things. You'd be given a list of set items that would help rebuild the colony, but the items that ended up making their way to the shopping list seemed pretty ridiculous. Sure, the occasional piece of lumber or crop would make an appearance which made sense, but Rainbow Slugs? Who knows what Juju was doing with half of the supplies that were brought in.

3 His Parties Are Kind Of The Worst

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When Mario Party first arrived on the Nintendo 64, it opened up a whole new genre and the idea of a "party game." Nintendo's console was the perfect system for it too, being one of the few systems that came packaged with four controller ports. But anyone who has played a Mario Party game knew how frustrating it could be and that it could easily destroy friendships. Mario's parties aren't really all they are cracked up to be. It seems the residents of the Mushroom Kingdom feel the same way as most of Mario's games he brings to the table are actually pretty deadly in most cases. I mean, who hosts a party and makes their guests play a racing game on a tight rope over a pool of lava?

2 Still More Fun Than Treasure Chests

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This whole list could probably be comprised of Pokémon logic comics, so it's only fair for yet another one to make the list. Most video games throughout the years have had some sort of item system, or a way of finding useful goods in the wild. While some games make finding items seem rather realistic, such as Bethesda games, others that tend to fall in the genre of the RPG usually have items scattered in things like treasure chests (because who doesn't keep all of their goods in treasure chests?). Pokémon makes the strange decision to keep items in Pokéballs, however, which may not seem too strange other than the fact that Pokéballs are pretty much a useful item of their own right. Strangely enough, trainers can also find Pokéballs within other Pokéballs which definitely seems a little extraneous.

1 Existential Crisis

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Death has had many different meanings throughout Nintendo's extensive history. All the different characters in Super Smash Bros. could probably vouch for that. Robin, from Fire Emblem, probably has the most realistic answer. Mario pokes fun at the ridiculous notion that getting a bunch of coins will grant you an extra life after death, while Pikachu alludes to the fact that Pokémon become ghosts after death (which are resistant to normal type attacks). Villager and Kirby seem to have no concept of the idea of death. You can't even die in Animal Crossing and the Kirby series is just so easy that you likely won't die anyway. No one really knows what happens after death, but it's probably safe to say that most of these answers are far from the truth.

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