10 Gifts That Every Super Mario Fan Would Love

The world of Super Mario is an exciting one, with action-packed games, recognizable characters and cool products that entertain fans of all ages. Because of how popular this franchise is, we have put together a gift guide centered around Mario and all he has to offer!

From when we drink coffee, decorate our rooms and get dressed to when we play these games that put us there, right alongside Mario, this list is full of unique products. All of them are great ways to show off a love for this world, and all of them would make great presents for the gamers in our lives.

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10 Paladone Super Mario Brothers Heat Changing Ceramic Coffee Mug


Inspired by the classic video games that was first released in the 1980s, this mug is the perfect collector’s item and gift! When it is cold, it shows off a plain Mario level background, but when it gets hot, the background changes color and gets some extra details. Imagine pouring a cup of coffee and getting to see coins, clouds and everyone’s favorite plumber appear!

Any fan of video games, Nintendo and Super Mario would be thrilled to receive this officially licensed ceramic mug, which would make such a unique stocking stuffer or birthday present for any fan of any age.

9 Super Mario Bros. Ice Cube Tray


This silicone tray featuring is a cool way to turn ice cubes into coins, mushrooms, question blocks and even those super brothers, Mario and Luigi. A gift like this would take a video game-themed party to the next level and impress everyone - especially those who have played these classic games for years.

We also had another great thought relating to this item… Food coloring could even be added to the water, to make the coins and the blocks yellow, Mario red and Luigi green. Yes, with this ice cube tray, a chill day of playing games will get even cooler!

8 UNO Super Mario Card Game


There are so many amazing video games relating to Super Mario, but there is more than just that; there is an UNO game, too! This hit card game received a Mario twist, meaning people can show off their love for this world even more.

As many of us know, in this game, players take turns matching their cards with colors or numbers, trying to get rid of them all - but don’t forget to call out “uno” when one card is left. This particular version of the game also includes a special Mario Super Star Card and two customizable cards, for even more fun.

7 Nintendo Selects: Super Mario 3D Land


The Nintendo 3DS brings Mario to life in a whole new way, as does this game - Nintendo Selects: Super Mario Land 3D. There are tough jumps and new enemies, but there are also new moves, new graphics, new levels and new abilities in this exciting three-dimensional world.

Oh, and the fan-favorite Tanooki suit makes its return, so that players can use the tail of the costume to get rid of the bad guys! True fans of Mario will definitely have this game on their to-do list and their wish list, so make someone’s day by purchasing and gifting it now.

6 RoomMates Nintendo Super Mario Build A Scene Peel And Stick Wall Decals


As mentioned, people of all ages enjoy this video game world belong to Super Mario, so picture a fan being able to transform his/her room with bricks, coins, pipes, stars, the iconic yellow question marks and even the classic characters. Well, that is what can happen with these easy-to-apply, peel-and-stick wall decals.

They can go on any smooth surface, and they are removable and repositionable, leaving behind no sticky residue. Don’t like the arrangement? Change it up. Moving to a new house? Take these, too. Want to move Mario to a more prominent position? Do it. This is another great gift idea!

5 Super Mario Mini Question Block Light


One of the most notable aspects from Mario’s world is the question block, so this light, which mimics that, is a perfect present. It even makes the iconic game sound when it is pressed on and off!

From being used as a nightlight or an accent lamp to just sitting out as a neat decoration on a table or a desk, this block light is an original and thoughtful product. It would work really well for those who are into video games, Nintendo and Super Mario, so keep it in mind for those future holidays, upcoming birthdays and other celebrations.

4 Super Mario Brothers Mario & Luigi Shoes


Of course, there are games to play and decor items to display, all in order to show off a love for Mario. But fans can wear this passion, as well, with products like this amazing shoes! Crafted from soft canvas, these comfy kicks work well indoors and outdoors.

Plus, they are easy for kids to slip on and off, which is nice. One shoe features Luigi, with green accents, while the other features Mario, along with red accents. Yes, any little fan of this franchise would be thrilled to receive such a cool thing - and everyone else would surely be jealous!

3 Super Mario Odyssey Mario with Hats Plush


Recently, Mario took on a new adventure in Super Mario Odyssey, a one-of-a-kind game on the Nintendo Switch. In this game, he also has a new sidekick named Cappy, so this is a wonderful idea for fans of Odyssey.

Just as Mario can switch out different hats and caps, to go along with different lands and different outfits, he can also switch out hats in this plush version of himself, too. This toy may not be able to throw the hats on its own, like Mario can in the game, but it is still a fun way to show off just how stylish this man is!

2 Mario Silhouette Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch


Speaking of the Nintendo Switch… True fans of Mario will want to customize their console and controllers with products that show off this red character; lucky for them and us, there are skins, stickers, cases and other things that can add personal touches to the Switch. That being said, we are loving this PowerA Super Mario wireless controller.

It features his silhouette right there in the middle, and it has soft-touch rubber grips and six interchangeable analog caps. Yes, this officially licensed item is comfy, cool, customizable and - most importantly - a tribute to Nintendo’s most famous and most beloved character.

1 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe


And last but not least, this gift guide is suggesting Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. If any fans of Mario in our lives don’t already own this game, we must buy it for them now! This is a must-own, an updated version of the popular Mario Kart game and the best way to pass time alone, online or with friends and family members. There are races on classic and thrilling courses.

There are battles, to take gameplay even further. There are all-new guest characters, along with returning favorites. In short, there is something for everyone in this exhilarating game.

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