Nintendo: 5 Reasons Mario And Peach Are The Top Power Couple ( & 5 Why It's Link & Zelda)

Mario and Peach seem like Nintendo's most recognizable couple, but Link and Zelda haven't gone anywhere.

When it comes to Nintendo, there are two very clear power couples at the top. There is Mario and Peach, the mascots of Nintendo. They've been around since day one, and have the classic hero and damsel in distress relationship. Then there's Link and Zelda, who have a relationship that is far more complex than that. Today, we're going to be going over five reasons why each duo is the superior power couple. Let's get into it.

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10 Mario And Peach: Mario Literally Never Stops

Do you know how many times Mario has been forced to drop everything and save this girl? It's constant. This man is not allowed to have a life due to Peach's incompetence at predicting her quarterly kidnappings. Clearly though, he has no issue with it. Mario's never given up on Peach, no matter how many times it's been abundantly clear that he should, as she is providing nothing in this relationship except cake. Props to him for sticking it out.

9 Zelda And Link: Pauline

Then again, let's not forget that Mario once had another lover, Pauline. Peach is not his first love. Nowadays, Pauline is out an about with the rest of the Mario crew, Peach has no problems with this? She really should. It is such a faux pas to bring your ex around your current girl like this. Maybe they just have a really strong relationship? Either way, Zelda and Link were each other's first love (usually).

8 Mario And Peach: It's The Same Mario And Peach

Through all of their adventures, Mario and Peach have been, well, the same. Link and Zelda are both different iterations of themselves, every time. Mario and Peach have been the same idiots since day one. The consistency here is just fantastic. While Zelda and Link might have a relationship that spans generations, Peach and Mario have a real one, even if it is just between them, and not their descendants.

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7 Zelda And Link: Zelda Is Actually Helpful

In all of Mario's adventures, Peach is almost exclusively in a damsel role, she's never really helping Mario, or herself for that matter. Zelda, on the other hand, plays a much more active role in Hyrule's stories. Whether it be the offensive role that she played in the Twilight Princess final battle, the support role that she played behind the scenes in Breath of the Wild or her disguised roles as Tetra and Sheik throughout the years, she's very rarely your usual damsel in distress character. She has agency and plays a big part in the story, making her more than worthy of being Link's match.

6 Mario And Peach: Extracurricular Activities

Mario and Peach really just get more time to actually go on dates. They literally play boardgames with Peach's captor, so the stakes are clearly not as high as what's going on in Hyrule. Mario and Peach attend karting, board gaming, and participate in all sorts of sporting events together. Zelda and Link never really get that opportunity, dealing with the end of the world as often as they are. Mario and Peach just have more time with one another, which certainly isn't a bad thing in any relationship.

5 Zelda And Link: They Run A Kingdom Together

Then again, Zelda and Link do get to spend a lot of time together. While it might not be all fun and games, they have a kingdom that they need to run together. Breath of the Wild even shows the two work together to keep things stable in its bonus ending scene, and the sequel seems to follow up on that. So sure, the two don't get to play tennis together, but they get to run an entire kingdom as a duo, so that's certainly a great couple's activity to get into.

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4 Mario And Peach: Zelda And Link Aren't Always A Pair

As we previously mentioned, Zelda and Link aren't always a pair. Sometimes they aren't each other's first choice. This is apparent in games like Breath of the Wild, where Mipha was originally going to be Link's wife. Sure, they're much more of a clear pair in other games such as Spirit Tracks, but this simply isn't always the case. Mario and Peach, on the other hand, have always been a strong duo, that's something that just can't be denied.

3 Zelda And Link: Peach Will Take Anyone

Here's the thing, Mario and Peach have a great relationship, sure. However, the second that Luigi is the one who ends up saving her, she kisses him, WOW. His own brother! Where is the loyalty here? Peach will literally take anyone who saves her. Luigi? Sure. Nabbit? Fine. Peachette? Yeah absolutely. Peach is not loyal. Link and Zelda on the other hand, never do such things to one another. How can you not even trust the woman you've saved from a very angry turtle hundreds of times?

2 Mario And Peach: Peach Is Mario's Job

At this point, Mario is no longer a plumber, he is a fulltime member of Peach's staff, prepared to save her at all times. If that's not commitment, what is? The benefits of working in the castle are likely much better than that of being a plumber, sure, but is it really worth the stress level? We've really learned in this list that Peach and Mario are both ridiculously devoted to each other, but only 80% of the time. What a weird couple.

1 Zelda And Link: Zelda And Link Are Destined For One Another

As we mentioned early, Zelda and Link are almost never the same versions of themselves between games, but isn't that a testament to the fact that they're meant to be together? Almost every incarnation that we've met of the duo have been a couple. The hero and the princess really are meant to be together. It's happened time after time. Destiny is calling to them. How much more romantic can you get than that? Let's be real, Zelda and Link really are Nintendo's top power couple.

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