Nintendo & Microsoft Subtly Call Out Sony In Minecraft Crossplay Trailer

New shots have been fired in the cross-play controversy regarding Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony today, as a commercial has been released for the updated version of Minecraft that promotes cross-play between the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox One... with the PlayStation 4 nowhere to be found.

Nintendo has uploaded a commercial for the updated version of Minecraft that actively promotes the fact that you can play online with people who are playing the game on mobile phones, Xbox One, or Windows machines.

It's rare for a console maker to acknowledge the existence of other consoles in their commercials, even in cases where cross-play is a prominent feature. It's even rarer for commercials to portray the other systems in such a positive light. This Microsoft/Nintendo commercial is an unusually positive and wholesome moment in an industry that is usually toxic to the competitor.

Via: Engadget

One cannot help but feel that the creation of this commercial is a jab at Sony for not being grown-up enough to allow cross-play with the Switch. It's not as bad as the console wars of the '90s and the TV commercial war between Nintendo and Sega, but it comes off as more of a passive-aggressive dig on the part of the competition.

There has recently been a controversy surrounding the Nintendo Switch version of Fortnite, as the cross-play does not extend to the PlayStation 4, despite the fact that the Switch can play with people on every other version of Fortnite. This has led to a backlash against Sony for not playing ball and doing what is best for the fans, as their reticence to open up cross-play with Nintendo among the popular third-party games has come across as childish.

If you already purchased Minecraft, then you will be able to update to the new client for free. This new version of Minecraft allows cross-play with different systems and will receive all of the future updates, including Update Aquatic, which will be adding new forms of sea life and water-themed blocks & items to the game.

The updated version of Minecraft is available to download for free as of today.

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