Nintendo Has 'No Plans' To Reveal New Switch At E3 2019

There have been rumors circulating online concerning new models of the Nintendo Switch that are supposedly due to be released this year. The rumors claim that there will be a cheaper version of the Switch announced at E3 2019 that is designed for portable use and will be released just in time for Animal Crossing and Pokémon Sword & Shieldwhile the other is a more powerful machine for the more discerning fan.

Nintendo is usually fine with never commenting on rumor or speculation (as it wants to keep the press talking), but it seems that the notion of a cheaper Switch model being released has been quashed.

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Nintendo has released its quarterly financial reports, which includes comments from the higher-ups at the company to shareholders. According to BloombergPresident Shuntaro Furukawa has said that there will be no new Switch models announced at E3.

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Furukawa also said that the recent announcement of the Nintendo Switch being launched in China will not be happening for a while.

The idea of there being new Nintendo Switch models in the future wasn't denied by Furukawa, but it seems that there won't be any reveals concerning new hardware at E3.

E3 2019 is going to be interesting, as both EA and Sony have declared that they won't be holding conferences as part of the event. The absence of two major players means that companies like Microsoft and Nintendo will have more of the limelight to themselves, which makes E3 the perfect place to announce something big.

It's possible that Microsoft might use E3 2019 to announce its successor to the Xbox One, which might leave Nintendo in the dust if it only has a couple of games and a new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character to announce. The reveal of a cheaper Nintendo Switch model and a more powerful "Pro" version of the system that fixed some of the lingering issues with the current version of the Switch might have helped to give Nintendo more of a presence in light of an Xbox Two (or whatever it's going to be called) announcement.

As it stands, this is all just speculation, but it makes sense to take Furukawa at his word when he's talking to investors. It seems that there won't be any cheaper versions of the Nintendo Switch announced at E3 2019.

Nintendo will be present at E3 from June 11-13, 2019.

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