Nintendo Has Filed A Patent For A Joy-Con With Hinges

Nintendo Switch Hinged Joy-Con Cover

The Nintendo Joy-Con has been a source of controversy since the debut of the Nintendo Switch due to issues with the hardware and it's possible that Nintendo is already looking at its replacement, as a patent has been filed for a new version of the Joy-Con that has a hinge.

The Joy-Con controllers used with the Nintendo Switch are impressive pieces of hardware, given that they have HD rumble, an IR camera, an NFC reader for amiibo figures, and can be used in a number of different configurations depending on player preference. The Joy-Cons also have issues with their joysticks, as they are prone to suffer from a problem called drifting, where the joystick acts as if it's being pushed in a direction when it's not.

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It seems that a new revision of the Joy-Con could be in development, as a Reddit-user named shy-shy-shy has revealed that Nintendo has filed a patent for an updated version of the Joy-Con. The IP Force website has patent documents for a Joy-Con controller with a hinge. The purpose of this controller is to allow players to bend the top part of each Joy-Con backward, which includes the left joystick and the buttons on the right Joy-Con.

Nintendo Switch Hinged Joy-Con System

The purpose of this change is unclear, as it doesn't seem as if it would be any more comfortable than the current model of Joy-Con. If anything, it could make it harder to hold the system depending on the player's posture.

The Joy-Con is a great idea but it was let down by its hardware. It's possible that Nintendo wants to update the design, as the Joy-Cons aren't even a connected part of the Nintendo Switch Lite. It's possible that we could see an updated version of the Joy-Con released with the inevitable hardware update to the Nintendo Switch, especially with so many fans complaining online about the drifting issues they have with the current controllers. There is a chance that this hinged controller is the updated model, but we won't know for sure until Nintendo makes an official announcement.

Source: IP Force, Reddit

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