Nintendo President Says Players Can Transfer Their "Gaming Experiences" Between The Switch And Switch Lite

Nintendo has finally confirmed that a new, smaller version of the Switch is coming, but will gamers be able to freely switch between the two?

There have been rumors abound for months that Nintendo has been quietly working on a smaller version of the Switch. There have even been sites selling accessories for what most of them dubbed the "Switch Mini." While we now know that a smaller version of the Switch is coming later this year, Nintendo has decided to call it the Lite rather than the Mini.

Some of the other rumors surrounding the new Switch have turned out to be true. The Lite does not have detachable joy-cons, and will not come with a dock that allows players to change between the handheld console and playing it on a bigger screen. It will also be released alongside Pokémon Sword and Shield, which means you can rest assured that bundles are incoming.

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The main reason for the creation and eventual release of the Lite is to bring in even more gamers to the Switch community. However, there will also be plenty of pre-existing Switch owners who replace their current console with a Lite, or even want to own both at the same time. If that sounds like something you're planning to do, we have some good news for you.

The (appropriately named) Nintendo of America president, Doug Bowser, told CNET that Switch owners, "...will have the ability to transfer between devices," when it comes to their "gaming experiences." What that means exactly is currently unclear, as Bowser was reluctant to divulge anything more on the topic. Hopefully, it means owners of both consoles will be able to put down one Switch and continue their save seamlessly on a separate console.

When it comes to letting its players use one account across various consoles, Nintendo doesn't exactly have the best track record. Bowser's comments sound very promising, though and it will be interesting to see an official statement in the future.

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