Nintendo Puts All Labo Blueprints Online To Print For Free

It seems that Nintendo has alleviated one of the biggest concerns that people had about their newly released Labo line by releasing the blueprints for the designs used on the cardboard pieces of the Labo sets.

It is now possible to download all of the designs and outlines for each of the Nintendo Labo sets that are currently available, which includes the toys in the Variety Kit and the Robot Kit. Those of you who possess a cardboard printer can easily recreate the bulk of each Labo set, though it is also possible to print them onto paper and then glue them to cardboard, for the vast majority of the people out there who only own a paper printer.

When the Nintendo Labo was first announced, one of the main concerns with the product concerned the feasibility of replacing any of the cardboard pieces. The Labo sets are meant for children, so it's highly probably that something can go wrong during the creation process. There were many parents who were worried about ruining their new $70 Labo set and having to pay through the nose in order to replace the cardboard parts.

These blueprints offer Labo users a way to cheaply replace the cardboard elements of each set, without having to order replacements or buying a brand new kit. All you need is access to some cardboard, glue, and paper in order to recreate the main pieces of each set, which is likely to put many potential Labo owners minds at ease.

Just being able to recreate the cardboard pieces doesn't mean that you are getting the Labo toys for free. You will still need a Nintendo Switch in order to make use of any of the cardboard toys, as well as the software that comes with the Labo kits. A lot of the Labo sets also need additional art supplies to assemble, such as string and tape, though these should be easy enough to purchase, so long as you know what you need.

The Nintendo Labo Variety Kit and Robot Kit are both available to purchase as of today.

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