Nintendo Might Be Joining Sony And Microsoft When It Comes To Streaming

With console producers like Microsoft and Sony choosing to move toward a streaming future with their consoles, it seems that Nintendo is seriously considering doing the same down the road.

As strange as the news has been, it isn't all that shocking considering that computer components have become smaller and cheaper to the point that small computers are even more powerful than current gen consoles. While many felt that the next-gen consoles needed to be upgradable out of the box to compete, for this reason, it seems as if Microsoft and others have decided that giving users the ability to stream games is the better option in the end.

Taking a cue from the Nvidia Shield, it will be able to improve each console by simply upgrading its current network, effectively making it competitive once more. Nintendo never entertained the idea seriously due to its ability to outsell both console manufactures, but it appears this new shift by both has caused Nintendo to reconsider its position.

If Nintendo decides to join others in streaming its own games, it could change how gamers enjoy their favorite titles forever. Not only would it give fans the ability to enjoy its games anywhere, but it could also usher in an era in which gamers are finally able to enjoy their favorite franchises regardless of their platform.

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Speaking to Tech Crunch, Nintendo of America executive Charlie Scibetta stated that "Streaming is certainly an interesting technology." He followed it up by saying that "Nintendo is keeping a close eye on it and we’re evaluating it. We don’t have anything to announce right now in terms of adopting that technology. For us, it’s still physical and it’s digital downloads through our eShop." Considering Nintendo's track record, the company might be waiting to see what happens or it could already have a better option up its sleeve and is waiting until the last second to reveal it.

Regardless of what Nintendo has planned, this news seems to back up claims by others that the company had every intention of joining the streaming craze. The company always seems to do something that shocks the gaming community and puts it on top, and this could happen again if the company remains secretive.

While it is certainly a good thing that Nintendo has considered joining the bandwagon, it is a bit strange that it didn't get involved ahead of the game. This is an assumption, of course, and perhaps the company already had plans in place since the beginning and is simply pretending. We'll just have to wait and see if streaming will save future consoles from the increasing pressure of cheaper PCs.

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