Nintendo Switch 5.0 Firmware Released - Add Friends Through Facebook And Twitter

The latest firmware for the Nintendo Switch is now available, which updates the system to version 5.0.

The biggest addition to the Nintendo Switch with this update is the ability to link the system to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can then add people to your Switch's friend list if they have also linked their Facebook/Twitter accounts to their Switch. This means that you can now more easily bypass the dumb "Friend Code" system that has plagued Nintendo's online services since they first started.

Fans have also discovered a way to access their Twitter page through this new feature, though it means you cannot link your Twitter account to the system. Nintendo really needs to hurry up and add a proper Internet browser to the Switch.

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This new update also adds new profile pictures from ARMS and Kirby Star Allies to the Switch, which you can use for your account. There is still no word on new themes or folders, which is something that fans desperately want for the system.

There have also been changes made to the news feed of the Switch. You can now tell the difference between articles that you have read and ones that you haven't. It's also possible to view all of the news channels in a list.

The firmware update has also sped up the process by which you can purchase a game using a PC and have the download start on your system.

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The Parental Controls for the system now have a whitelist feature, which allows you to exclude certain pieces of software from being restricted. You can now also enter the code using the control sticks.

Fans have been hoping for a major update to the Switch's basic firmware since the console launched. The system is still lacking in features that would make the console into a portable entertainment center, such as the ability to stream video or access the Internet. It seems that Nintendo may be waiting for the Switch's online service to launch in September before it breaks out the big guns and starts adding major features to the console.

The 5.0 firmware for the Nintendo Switch is available now.

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