Switch Accessories Every Owner Needs Under $25

The Nintendo Switch may be a pricey console, but it's relatively easy to buy cheap accessories to make it even more playable.

Nintendo's brand new Switch console is already one of the most prolific and ground-breaking consoles of all time. The Switch is the first true hybrid console that allows players to use their console at home and on the go. This perfectly portable system is cool enough on it's own, but there are already a ton of choice add-ons that can make this console even better.

Here are five Nintendo Switch accessories under $25 that will bring your gaming experience to the next level.

NES Skins For Your Switch

via: Etsy.com (KOCustomCreationsAU)

If you're a retro gamer at heart, but have modern tastes, you're going to love this NES skin for your Nintendo Switch. These skins are printed on high-quality vinyl, meaning that they're just as easy to remove as they are to apply to your consoles. You can grab these svelte skins on Etsy for just over $10 CAD.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

via: Amazon.ca (amFilms)

Even the most cautious people will admit that accidents can happen to anyone, which is why it's always a good idea to use protection: screen protection, that is. By picking up one of these tempered glass screen covers, your Nintendo Switch will be protected against any unwanted cracks and scratches. You can pick up these cool covers on Amazon for only $11 before shipping.

Question Block Cartridge Case

via: Etsy.com (Alpha3DPrinting)

Are you one of those people who hates clutter? You can go totally case-free if you pick up one of these Nintendo Switch cartridge holders. On top of having a cute Question Block design taken straight out of the Mario universes, these containers hold up to eight games. You can order this cartridge container on Etsy today for just $15.

Hard Shell Carry Case

via: Amazon.ca (Orzly)

If you're having trouble finding and easy and convenient way to transport your Nintendo Switch console and all your games at the same time, check out this convenient carry case. The case features storage space for your console, controllers, and up to eight games. If you want your Nintendo Switch to travel in style and safety, you can pick this case up on Amazon for just under $25.

Joy-Con Grips For Your Controllers

via: Amazon.ca (MoKo)

One reason why some gamers have been avoiding the Switch is due to the fact that it's controllers are somewhat small and easy to drop. With these strap-on sleeves for your controllers, you can play your Switch for hours in style and comfort. You can grab a set of these controller sleeves for just $17 on Amazon right now.

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