Nintendo Switch Datamine Reveals Smite Is Coming To The Console

A regular Smite dataminer found files in the game's upcoming version that out the existence of a Switch Founder's Pack, as well as Joy-Con controls.

A new datamine from the Smite community has discovered that the game is coming to Nintendo Switch. While no specific date was found, there do seem to be special skins planned to celebrate the Switch version.

This information comes courtesy of FAERayo, a member of the Nintendo Switch subreddit who runs their own datamining site for Smite. While a post on the Switch subreddit made the announcement, FAERayo's breakdown on their site, appropriately called smitedatamining.com, contains more details. The biggest tip-off was an item found in the upcoming Smite version 5.21 called the Switch Founder's Pack.

via: smitedatamining.com

The Founder's Pack is a Smite tradition, meant to entice new players to get into the game when it arrives on a new console. The Xbox and PS4 releases saw a similar deal. It tends to give buyers the ability to play as all the game's characters, a privilege typically only gained by saving up enough in-game or purchasable currency. The Founder's Pack also throws in Gems, Smite's currency, and a handful of special skins.

The fact that a Switch Founder's Pack is in the data means that a Smite Switch version must be close. Users on the Switch subreddit believe that a Nintendo Direct is due sometime this month, and that it would be the perfect time to drop a "surprise" announcement of Smite for Switch.


If the datamined Founder's Pack isn't evidence enough, another user called Marxally did some digging of his own. He found pictures of Joy-Cons in the visual assets for Paladins some time before its Switch release, and tried to do the same for Smite. It wasn't long before he too was able to confirm that Smite has Joy-Cons pictured in its files.

via: eddit.com/user/Marxally

With all of this added together, it is all but confirmed that Smite will be on the Switch, and soon. The only question is when. For that, we'll need Nintendo or Smite developer Hi-Rez Studios to weigh in.

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