Nintendo Has 'No Plans' To Release Dock-Less Switches In America

Last week, the Japanese My Nintendo Store started selling the Switch without its charging dock. The store allows buyers to mix and match the colors of the Joy-Cons and Joy-Con straps. However, this is only available in Japan. The obvious question was: Would Nintendo sell dockless Switches outside Japan? The answer at the moment is no, at least for the Americas.

In a statement to USgamer, Nintendo said that they "have no plans to release this configuration in the Americas.” If players outside Japan want a second Switch, they have to buy the full bundle. Interestingly, Nintendo's statement only lists the Americas. So, it is possible that the company could release dockless Switches in other areas, such as Europe. As to why Nintendo even began selling dockless Switches, the company stated core reasons: a person in a household may want to play, but there's only one Switch to go around. The second is for battle and cooperative play.

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Although it may seem surprising that Nintendo would keep dockless Switches to Japan, there are some things that don't make it out of the company's home country. For example, Nintendo's first ever home console, the Color TV-Game (this predates the Nintendo Entertainment System) was never released outside Japan. Perhaps even more interesting is that back in 2001, the GameCube was officially merged with a DVD player to create the "Panasonic Q." This interesting amalgamation was never released outside Japan. (To date, this is the only Nintendo console officially capable of playing DVDs.) You can find the Panasonic Q on Ebay, but you will be paying well into the $100s for this rather obscure product.


Nintendo may not have plans at the moment, but things do change. If many fans outside Japan request a need to purchase the Switch without its dock, maybe the company will listen. Though, one might find it a little surprising that Nintendo is releasing dockless Switches at all. However, the Switch is unlike any other console before it. If there are two children on a long car or plane ride, they both can't play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild without taking turns. So, dockless Switches do have a compelling purpose. It remains to be seen if there is enough fan demand outside Japan to convince Nintendo to release dockless Switches internationally.

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