Rumor: Nintendo Switch's Firmware Update Preparing Fans For New Versions Of The System

The Nintendo Switch has just received a rather substantial update in terms of features, as it has now been brought up to ver. 8.0.0. The latest update hasn't delivered everything that the fans have asked for, but some of the new features have raised suspicion that Nintendo is preparing for the rumored new versions of the Switch that are said to be announced at E3 2019.

The new features that are now part of the Nintendo Switch include the ability to list the games on the system in different ways, such as by length of time played, rather than just by the order that they were last played in. The icon menu now includes avatars from Splatoon 2 and Yoshi's Crafted World. It's now possible to prevent the system from waking up out of Sleep Mode when the AC adapter is unplugged. The player can now alter the news feed in order to see all available items related to a specific subject. It is also now possible to disable the ability to use the VR Mode (with the Labo VR Goggles) in the Parental Controls mode.

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There are two new additions to the Nintendo Switch firmware in the latest update that are very interesting, as they hint towards the rumored new iterations of the system, one of which is meant to be a smaller/cheaper variety of Switch. It's now possible to enable a Zoom Mode on the Switch, which can be activated by tapping the Home button twice in rapid succession. That mean's gamers can now play games with the camera zoomed in, though the graphics will quickly lose their fidelity if the player zooms in all the way. The addition of this mode seems like a natural fit for the rumored smaller version of the Nintendo Switch, as the games that have been released on the system so far were made with the original resolution/screen size in mind, so the ability to zoom in and out would be helpful when using a smaller screen.

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The other interesting new feature allows the player to easily transfer their save games between Nintendo Switch systems that they own. The introduction of this feature seems like it's tailor-made for people updating to a new Switch and who want to make the process as easy as possible. There isn't much of a reason to own multiple Switches otherwise.

The latest firmware update for the Nintendo Switch is still lacking some of the features that fans have been asking for since launch, such as new backgrounds or an Internet browser, but some of the latest additions to the system suggest that there might be new kinds of Switch on the way in the future.

The version 8.0.0 firmware update for the Nintendo Switch is available to download right now.

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