10 Forgotten Franchises That Need A Comeback On The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has already built up an impressively robust and diverse lineup of software, despite its somewhat recent release and tepid support from third parties. Everything from quirky party games to gritty shooters; from modern titles to retro throwbacks, Switch has seemingly covered a vast area of gaming.

Still, there are a number of absent franchises, both from the big N, and from elsewhere, that would seem to be a perfect fit on the console-handheld-hybrid. Whether it's a case of the Switch's features suiting an old franchise well, or an all-around forgotten classic begging for a reboot, there are plenty of ips that fans yearn to see on Switch.

So let's dive right in as we cover 10 franchises that need to make a comeback on the Nintendo Switch.

10 Eternal Darkness

This game is truly a psychological trip into the depths of wonder and horror. Jump-scares, eerie ambient noises, and Skellie-filled dungeons permeate your journey and keep you on the edge of your seat during your trip through time.

But the game goes one step beyond with innovation. Developer Silicon Knights actually screws with your mind with its "Insanity Effects" that range from manipulating character models, to environments shrinking. You're even tossed the occasional fake "error" message if your character goes crazy enough.

Besides the recent news of Nintendo claiming a patent on the name Eternal Darkness, we've heard next to nothing about a potential sequel to this hidden gem on GameCube. It's a shame, as Switch's handheld functionality and motion controls would open the door to all sorts of fun new Insanity Effects to play around with.

9 Space Channel 5

Nintendo fans who aren't too aware of Sega software might be scratching their heads looking at this odd looking dance title, but those who have played it know its instant appeal. Space Channel 5 is a rhythm-based Dreamcast game that incorporates directional dance moves that feels DDR-esque, while further simplifying that formula.

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The game takes place in a deliciously cheesy sci-fi setting, and stars a peppy female reporter, appropriately named "Ulala". She must dance and shoot her way passed alien baddies who challenge her to dance-offs. This sets the stage for a wacky dancing romp that isn't just amusing to watch, but a blast to play as well.  Considering Sega's (now) friendly relationship with Nintendo, SC5 would fit in nicely to the Switch's library of colorful games. The motion controls would mesh terrifically with the game's emphasis on physical motions.

8 Banjo Kazooie

When Nintendo closed out its E3 2019 Direct, and a slick, modern rendering of Banjo and his bird pal Kazooie flashed on-screen, the imaginations of many fans went wild. Of course, this was only meant to reveal them as unlockable characters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Still, what if it was a hint of what was to come - a new Banjo Kazooie on Switch, perhaps? Despite Rare falling under the Microsoft Studios banner, there have been hints to show the two factions might collaborate on games or even hardware in the future.

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Banjo Kazooie making a return to a Nintendo platform would certainly make sense considering that's where this colorful franchise began. Imagine an open-world Banjo game in the same vein as Super Mario Odyssey. For now, we can only dream...

7 Golden Sun

Switch has fast become known for its strong lineup of quality RPGs, especially of the Japanese variety. Given the strong representation of this genre, the GBA and DS hit Golden Sun series could do wonders on the Switch. It would give players of the Final Fantasy ports, Octopath Traveller, and the recently released Collection of Mana yet another game to get immersed in, with its similar brand of retro JRPG fantasy.

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Exploring the rich environments of Golden Sun's Weyard in full-3D and collecting Djinn would make for an epic experience indeed. Though, most fans would likely even welcome a more humble Pokémon Sword/Shield cell-shaded approach, as long as they had a brand new Golden Sun to play in some form.

6 Duck Hunt

While the Wii certainly covered what seemed to be a "Light Gun Renassaince", hearkening back to the arcade days of old, the Switch hasn't seen nearly as many of these. What better way for Nintendo to reestablish themselves as a go-to for basic "aim and shoot" romps than return full circle to one of their all-time classics, Duck Hunt?

With the Switch's Joy-Cons being a vast improvement over the Wiitmote tech, a Joy-Con augmented with a gun accessory could make a Duck Hunt sequel a no-brainer on the console. Think of gathering around in a bar and propping the console up table-top style while firing away at virtual ducks, creating a makeshift arcade.

Many gamers would likely just be sold on the ability to take out that annoying dog alone...

5 Pokémon Snap

Between the mobile sensation Pokémon Go, Let's Go Pikachu!/Eevee!, and the highly-anticipated RPG Sword/Shield, Poké-fever looks to be in full swing. It would thus be a fitting time to remind fans of this somewhat obscure Pokémon title on N64, Pokémon Snap.

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The gyroscopic abilities of the handheld console could be integrated creatively so as to make it feel like you're aiming a camera around. Nintendo could even take this one step further by allowing you to aim your handheld screen at your TV set and snap photos of Pokémon roaming around, upping the photography simulation feel. With all the colorful new areas and Pokémon that have joined the scene since this game's release in '99, a Switch sequel would make for a captivating experience.

4 Punch-Out

Sure, we did get a new Punch-Out on the Wii in 2009. Though a decade in video game land is a pretty long chunk of time, and younger gamers, in particular, have likely missed out on both NES and Wii-era Punch-Out. An even more modernized version on Switch could bring this fighting classic to a new gaming generation.

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Perhaps Nintendo could ditch the cartoony cell-shaded visuals and flesh it out with a more realistic 3D look. The gameplay could be modeled off both ARMS and Wii Sports Boxing, where players can mash and bash by simply swinging their fists around while gripping dual Joy-Cons.

3 F-Zero

The F-Zero series, with its slick futuristic racing feel, has always provided a sense of speed and exhilaration the Mario Kart games just don't offer. You have a couple of imitators on Switch like Fast RMX, but F-Zero is the real deal. And a Switch sequel would be the real deal if it was half as solid as GameCube's GX.

A new F-Zero certainly makes sense considering Captain Falcon is one of the few Nintendo-made characters in Smash Bros that currently doesn't have his own game on Switch. The console's large userbase coupled with a robust online mode could also make for one of the most exhilarating online racers ever. Imagine zipping across Mute City with 29 other people!

2 Super Mario RPG

Given Square Enix's success with Octopath Traveler on Switch, a Super Mario RPG remake, or better yet - a true sequel seems to be a no-brainer. And hey, the company seems to be on a remake kick lately with its modernizing classics like Final Fantasy VII. Maybe this all-time Super SNES great can join the ranks of revisted Square Enix franchises?

Exploring the Mushroom Kingdom, Nimbus Land, Booster Tower, along with some cool new environments with Mario, Peach, Mallow, and Geno can make for a magical Mario-tinged RPG experience. Smithy surely must be up to something again, right Nintendo?

1 Earthbound

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We finally received a Western localization of Trials of Mana for the Switch in the form of the Mana trilogy compilation. Perhaps Nintendo will follow the same path with a flashy Mother 3 remake, or at least the long-awaited localization? One can only hope...

Though, what many Earthbound diehards would really love to see is a brand new Earthbound game on Switch. How cool would it be to explore the city of Onnet, or venture through the Cave of the Past with the dazzling, colorful semi-retro Octopath visuals? Both Ness and Lucas have been Smash Bros regulars for quite some time. Surely the Big N must know something we don't?

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