Hackers Have Found Hidden VR Options Within Nintendo Switch

A Twitter user named random has uncovered a hidden VR menu within the Nintendo Switch, suggesting it may still happen.

When the specifications for the Nintendo Switch were first revealed, the fans thought that it wasn't going to be strong enough to handle VR support, or would require an incredibly expensive VR headset that could do most of the work on its own. This was coupled with the fact that Nintendo representatives have downplayed VR support on any of their systems, due to how new the medium is.

The fact that one of Nintendo's biggest failures was based around a primitive VR headset likely doesn't help matters. The Virtual Boy was a huge flop for Nintendo, so they will likely be very cautious before dipping their toe into the realm of virtual reality once more.

It seems that plans were once in place for the Nintendo Switch to support a VR headset, as a hacker has found a hidden VR mode within the system files of the console.

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A Twitter user named random has uncovered a hidden VR menu within the Nintendo Switch. Once the VR mode is activated, it splits the screen in two and asks the user to move the console away from their face.

The split-screen mode makes sense, as most VR games are displayed in a similar manner to 3D games. The fact that the message asks you to move the console away from your face suggests that maybe the Switch was meant to be docked into a headset at some point in development, possibly at a point when the Switch itself had a 3D screen, like that of the Nintendo 3DS.

We are left wondering what the revelation of a VR mode within the Nintendo Switch actually means? The Switch isn't strong enough to run many of the commercial VR games on the market, even with the help of an additional headset that solely runs the visuals. It's possible that a headset that you dock the Switch into is in development, but that seems like a pretty quick way to blind the Nintendo fanbase, as holding the screen that close to your face would damage your eyes.

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The most likely solution is that the VR mode is a holdover from an earlier point in development when Nintendo was dabbling with virtual support, during the period of time when VR games were receiving a lot of publicity.

The current technical prowess of the Nintendo Switch means that we aren't likely to be seeing VR games on the system anytime soon, but it's possible that a future iteration of the system may be built around the concept. Nintendo has never shied away from releasing updated versions of their consoles and handhelds, and a VR version of the Switch is the kind of product that they would make.

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