Nintendo Switch Lite: Everything We Know About The New Console

Nintendo have announced a new console: the Nintendo Switch Lite, a revamped and cheaper version of the Switch. Here are the facts.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is here, and we have all the details.

While rumors of a revamped Switch console have been circulating for a while, there's no need to make guesses any longer. Nintendo spilled all the details, and we're ready to try out the new console now.

It's bright, it's light, and it's the perfect alternative for those looking for a simplified Switch at a stripped-down price. While it doesn't contain every feature of the original, it is still compatible with tons of Switch software. It also boasts that classic Nintendo feel.

Get ready for some gameplay; It's time to jump into all the Switch Lite has to offer.

10 It’s Smaller and Cheaper

The stripped-down version of The Nintendo Switch measures 3.6” high and 8.2” long. The original Switch, on the other hand, measures 4” high and 9.4” long. This makes the new version more portable and pocket-sized. It weighs only .61 lbs, which is significantly lighter than the Switch, which weighs in at .88 lbs including the Joy-Cons.

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This compact system will hit shelves for only $199.99 meaning you’ll save $100 by picking the Switch Lite over the Switch.

9 The Controls Have Been Updated

Being that the Switch Lite is more compact than its predecessor, all of its controls are built into the system. That means we’ll be saying goodbye to those handy Joy-Cons.

The other major control update can be found on the left side of the device. The four directional buttons have been replaced by a plus-shaped control pad. This mimics the design of the Nintendo Switch’s wireless controllers and gives it an overall more iconic look.

8 It's Made For On-The-Go Players

While gamers who don't already own a Switch are probably the most likely to purchase a Switch Lite, its actually being marketed at players on the go. Just look at all the promotional material showing players at a skatepark, campsite, and even in outer space. It's designed to be as out-and-about as you are.

Because there are no detachable Joy-Cons, the Switch Lite can be taken around more easily than the original Switch. There are no pieces to get lost and its sturdier. Trust us when we say there's a reason it's travel-sized.

7 It Comes In Three Colors

The new Switch system comes painted in three vibrant shades including turquoise, grey, and yellow. This gives players more console color options than ever.

Additionally, a limited Pokémon-themed Switch Lite will be hitting shelves just a week before the released of Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. This specially designed Switch will feature illustrations of the legendary Pokemon Zacian and Zamazenta.

Picking just one is going to be a challenge in itself. Gotta catch (actually own) 'em all!

6 The HD Rumble And IR Motion Camera Have Been Removed

If Nintendo Labo spikes your interest, you're going to want to skip out on the Switch Lite. That's because this new mini Switch has been stripped of the IR Motion Camera: a feature that is essential for Labo and other select game capabilities.

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The Switch Lite is also devoid of the built-in rumble element. While this won't change your gameplay very much, it will make those jumps in Mario Kart 8 a little less exhilarating.

5 You Can Play Over 2,000 Games On It

Being that the Nintendo Switch Lite doesn't connect to a TV, gamers will only be able to play titles that are handheld compatible. Luckily, a whole slew of games with this feature exist.

From The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to Super Mario Odyssey, most of your favorite can be enjoyed on the Switch Lite. Unfortunately, select titles like Super Mario Party, won't be compatible with the new system. You'll definitely miss out on a few classics.

4 It Has An Extended Battery Life

Because the Nintendo Switch Lite has a more power-efficient chip layout, its battery life is slightly longer than that of its predecessor. The Switch Lite can stay powered for anywhere between 3 and 7 hours as compared to the 2.5 to 6.5 battery life of the old system. The actual battery life will be determined by the game you play.

Although the battery increase is minimal, it all helps. And being that the Switch Lite is designed to be a traveled-with system, the increase is welcome.

3 It's A Single-Player Device

The Nintendo Switch Lite is designed to be a one-player kind of console. Unlike the Switch, it won't plug into your TV, so couch co-op play isn't an option.

Along the same lines, tabletop mode also isn't supported. With no Joy-Cons and no kick-stand like the one on the original Switch, you'll be the only one who can use your device.

Think of it as a virtual console that supports Switch software. Of course you weren't sharing your Nintendo 3Ds.

2 It Can Connect With The Original Nintendo Switch

Just because the Nintendo Switch Lite is made for one player doesn't mean it can't be joined by other systems. The Switch Lite features the same online play and local wireless play capabilities of the Switch. Better yet, it's compatible with both Switches and Switch Lites.

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This means that no matter whether your friend bought a Switch years ago or Switch Lite yesterday, you'll be able to play with them. It all connects.

1 You Can Buy It This September

The Nintendo Switch Lite will be available for purchase everywhere on Sept. 20, and the limited-edition Pokémon-themed Switch Lite will release just over a month later, on Nov. 8. While we don't know all the purchase details (such as whether or not the Switch Lite will launch alongside a bundle containing it), we do know it's worth getting excited about.

Its lower price and portability are projected to pick up some of the sales the Nintendo 3Ds isn't getting. Nintendo's new handheld console serves as a worthy replacement.

Are you ready to take the Switch Lite on your next adventure?

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