Man Gets Caught Stealing Nintendo Switch Because He Was Wearing His Work Shirt

A man from Cape Coral, Flordia who thought he could steal a Nintendo Switch was sentenced to more than five years in prison. It might have seemed like the perfect crime, but two cameras captured the thief's every move while he wore a shirt that clearly marked his place of employment.

In December of 2018, Kyle Sullivan was observed on surveillance footage after stealing a Nintendo Switch console from a garage. The owner of the home was there at the time but had left the area unobserved for a moment.

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Robert Love, the homeowner, then gave chase to Sullivan but was unable to keep up with the getaway car. Reviewing the footage revealed that Sullivan had in fact worn his work clothes, and, because of this, the Cape Coral Police Department found him quite easily.

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When asked to comment on the matter, Love described Sullivan as "blatantly an idiot" for choosing to steal from a place with cameras while wearing such identifiable clothing. For the crime, Sullivan received five and a half years in prison, followed by a year of probation. The formal charge of which he was found guilty was one count of grand theft. He was then given additional prison time than normal for being a "habitual felony offender."

Sadly, the theft of game consoles is not unique and at times can be fatal. In 2018, a man living in Colorado was shot and killed over an Xbox One. In February of 2019, another man was also shot and killed in a similar incident in Texas over an Xbox One S.

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Since video game consoles are generally high-value items, it can be risky to attempt to sell them through sites like Craigslist. Since there are websites that allow people to purchase virtually anything online from total strangers, many would like to incorporate appropriate safe spaces in which to conduct a transaction.

Information on the matter has recently become popular, providing common sense and useful points regarding how to deal with sales to individuals not known to you. At the same time, many police stations have set up safe spaces in well-lit areas with cameras. If ever you need to buy or sell something, consider meeting at one of these places for the added sense of security.

For now and in the foreseeable future, it seems that the best thing homeowners can do is keep their valuables out of sight.

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