Motion Controls Should Come To The Witcher 3 On Nintendo Switch

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is coming to the Nintendo Switch and, with the October 15th release date soon approaching, it's a good opportunity to explore what Nintendo could do to bring another unique experience to a well-established and beloved video game. What better way to do that than with Nintendo's signature gimmick - motion controls.

Nintendo Has Already Brought Motion Controls To Other Switch Games

Nintendo tends to like to provide a unique gaming experience for its fan base. With the release of the Wii, motion controls for Nintendo consoles have stayed around and while it isn't necessarily the most ground-breaking or best way to play certain games, it is a fun addition for players who want to spice up their gaming experience.

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The Nintendo Switch has a history of introducing motion controls into its popular ports, which include Doom, Skyrim, and the upcoming release of Overwatch. The motion control aspects of the games are optional and don't impose on the gameplay, but rather attempt to bring something unique and new to the already well-established (and beloved) games. If those popular games can get motion control support, there isn't any reason why The Witcher 3 shouldn't.

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Wide Variety Of Applications

The Witcher 3 is such a massive game that features an incredibly diverse assortment of content. Because of this, there are a wide variety of things that could make for some fun - or weird and goofy - moments with motion controls.

The most obvious would be the ability to fight enemies using the detached joy-cons. A player could cast their magic spells using a unique hand gesture or something of that nature. Other applications could include horse wrangling and more Gwent action.

An Enticing New Way To Play The Game

The Witcher 3 is considered by some to be one of the best, most expansive games of all time. Being able to play The Witcher 3 on the go is an enticing concept and means that many fans might be rebuying the game on Switch for this reason alone. Adding motion controls to the game is just another way to entice fans to buy it on the newest Nintendo console. The implementing of motion controls can be a goofy (albeit fun) way to experience the greatness of The Witcher 3 once again.

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Nintendo has a history of trying new things. While not all of its long-list of gimmicks have worked in the past, a fair number have. With the fast-approaching release of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on the Nintendo Switch, it's the perfect opportunity to include motion controls in the game.

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