New Nintendo Switch Controller That Will Support In-Game Chat Has Been Unveiled

Chatting with fellow players in-game on Nintendo Switch is about to become a whole lot easier thanks to this third-party controller.

Console creators have been working for decades in the quest to develop the perfect controller. Sony obviously seems to think it has the design down, as it has changed very little over the course of its four consoles. Nintendo, on the other hand, is all about innovation with its controllers and tends to give us something pretty quirky to use in that arena.

From the much-loved Gamecube controller to the Wiimote and today's joy-cons for Nintendo Switch, it's clear that Nintendo has had no qualms in completely changing its controller design. However, when we first went to plug our earphones into the Switch's joy-cons, we found a fundamental flaw, as there's no jack. In fact, if you want to chat in-game with fellow Switch players at all, you have to jump through a lot of Nintendo's hoops.


Those hoops include downloading the Switch Online app and even then, you can only converse with others who have the app. A new controller from PDP is hopefully about to change that, reports Eurogamer. The Faceoff Deluxe+ will be the first on the Switch to support in-game chat. As you can see from the photo below, it has an earphone jack exactly where you would expect it to be on a controller.

via eurogamer.net

The Faceoff Deluxe+'s features don't stop at just an earphone jack, either. It also has volume control buttons at your fingertips and interchangeable faceplates, as well as a couple of extra buttons to do whatever you like with. While third-party controllers can sometimes be a little hit and miss, we're struggling to see how PDP hasn't hit a home run with this one.

Other than everything detailed above, we don't know much else about the controller at this point. Although it won't be on sale until the summer, you can pre-order it as early as May, so we should know how much it will cost by then. It will likely spark an influx of controllers that support in-game chat on the Switch, thus making an already terrific console even better.


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