Rumor: Nintendo Is Preparing To Launch Two New Versions Of The Switch

Recent reports have indicated that Nintendo plans to release two new models of the Switch.

The Nintendo Switch has seen a lot of success since it was first released, but there have been many complaints made about the system itself, including the short battery life (depending on the game) and the small amount of internal space that requires you to purchase an SD card if you prefer digital games over physical cartridges.

It seems that gamers may have more options when it comes to purchasing a Nintendo Switch in the future, as The Wall Street Journal is reporting that two more models of the Switch are rumored to be announced at E3 2019 and will be released this year.

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According to The Wall Street Journal, there will be a "pro" model of the Switch coming in the future that will be more powerful than the one available now, though it still won’t be in the same league as the PlayStation Pro or Xbox One X. There will also be a second, cheaper model that will lose established features (like HD Rumble) in order to appeal to casual gamers.

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There have been a lot of rumors about new models of the Nintendo Switch being developed and the release schedule of 2019 is making them seem more believable than ever, especially in regards to the cheaper model. The Nintendo Switch will see both a new Animal Crossing game and the next generation of Pokémon titles in 2019. Since these are games with a mass-market appeal, Nintendo will want to attract as much of that audience to them (and the Switch) as possible.

It would make sense for Nintendo to release a cheaper Switch model when Pokémon Sword & Shield hit the market at the end of 2019, especially if the Detective Pikachu movie is a hit and increases interest in the mainline series of games.

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The idea of there being a more powerful Nintendo Switch on the market is more surprising, though the increased performance could be limited to shortening load times and making the battery last longer, which would appeal to a lot of current Switch owners.

Nintendo has released different models of their available systems in the past. For example, the Nintendo 3DS also saw a more powerful variant in the form of the New 3DS and a cheaper variant in the form of the 2DS, which removed the 3D functionality from the screen.

Though the new Nintendo Switch models should still be considered to be rumors, enough time has passed since the launch of the Switch to justify the release of alternate versions of the system in order to appeal to different kinds of customers.

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