Nintendo Switch Online Leak Continues: Yet More Evidence That SNES Titles Are Coming Really Soon

The January 16th update for Nintendo Switch Online has added descriptions for several SNES games in multiple languages.

We recently reported that fans had datamined the Nintendo Entertainment System app for the Nintendo Switch and discovered evidence of Super Nintendo games being added to the Nintendo Switch Online service in the future, along with games from two other unnamed systems.

The subscribers to the Nintendo Switch Online service received four new games on January 16th (or five new games if you live in Japan), which has added more evidence to the data concerning the yet to be released Super Nintendo games.

A Twitter user has discovered that the January 16th update added descriptions for several games, including an English summary of Super Mario World and a Spanish description of Super Mario Kart.

The Super Nintendo games that were listed now all feature descriptions in different languages, which suggests that we may be seeing all of the games released at once, rather than being doled out in a similar manner to the NES games that have been added to the service so far.

via: polygon.com

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The evidence for the addition of Super Nintendo games to the Nintendo Switch Online service just keeps piling up and it's getting harder to deny their existence. It was possible to argue that the information found in the last datamine was left over from the NES/SNES Classics, but the addition of more material in the last service update suggests that these games are real and will be arriving soon.

The fans have been speculating that Nintendo will soon hold a Direct, as the 2019 release schedule has a lot of games that we know barely anything about. The recent reveal of the release dates for the upcoming Kirby and Yoshi games was seen as a sign that a Direct might not be coming soon, as that is the kind of information that would normally be revealed during a Direct, but the flood of new information about Super Nintendo games within the files of the Switch suggests that a Direct might be closer than we think.

The Nintendo Switch Online service has seemed bare in terms of content compared to the similar services offered by Microsoft and Sony, but the addition of Super Nintendo games will make the twenty dollars a year price tag seem like a much better value for money.

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