Nintendo Switch Online Almost Has 10 Million Subscribers

Nintendo is once again proving that it is a mainstay within the gaming industry, as it has recently announced that its online subscription service for the Switch has now reached 9.8 million subscribers.

This doesn't come as a huge surprise to many though, as the company has listened to users and provided them with things they've been asking for since the Switch was first announced. It isn't the first time Nintendo has tried such a service, the Wii being a primary example, but this time around, Nintendo has decided to offer up some of its most classic titles for free.

News like this isn't just great for Nintendo's bottom line - it's also great news for those who are already subscribed to the service. Due to its immense popularity, Nintendo will hopefully be able to offer users of the platform an even greater selection of titles and more features in the future.

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According to Game Spot, Nintendo has stated that the numbers it reported provide an accurate indication of its paid subscriber count and that, while free trial members are excluded, family subscriptions are included. Nintendo is aware of the popularity of its retro game library on the Switch and has plans to improve users' experiences in the future, though it has yet to say exactly what will be brought to the platform down the road.

While Nintendo might not have reached the subscriber count of the PlayStation, its dedication to its users may pay off in the end. It's clear from the steps the company has taken since the launch of the Wii that it has listened to consumers and finally provided them with the type of online platform that they wanted. While the Wii was good at the time, its points system and the purchasing of individual games didn't seem as fruitful as the service that the Switch now offers.

Though the service is a big improvement, there are still some things that we feel are missing from it; namely, the ability to enjoy some of the great GameCube and N64 titles. We can only hope that the company sees this success as a sign that it needs to add the rest of its great titles into that ever-growing online library.

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