Nintendo Switch Reaches 8 Million Units Sold In Japan, Might Outsell PS4

News about the Nintendo Switch's sales isn't likely to stop anytime soon. Back in December, it was reported that the Switch outsold the PS4's lifetime sales in Japan. However, this was not including the PS4 Pro. Now, with new sales data being released, it appears the Switch is on its way to surpassing the PS4 and Pro in Japan.

According to the latest Media Create sales data (via the ResetEra forums), the Nintendo Switch has sold 8 million units in Japan. The console trails behind the PS4/PS4 Pro by about 33,000 units now. If the Switch continues to sell well, it should conquer the PS4 family soon.

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Since 2019 will be a big year for Nintendo, it's likely the Switch will continue to sell well. This year sees the release of a number of exclusive titles. In June, Super Mario Maker 2 will launch. The original Mario Maker was a fan favorite on Wii U, so the sequel will likely be active for many years to come. Pokémon Sword and Shield will release this year as well, bringing the main series to the home console for the first time. We also have Luigi's Mansion 3, Animal Crossing, and more. Simply put, those who have not yet bought a Switch are likely going to take the plunge now.

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Rumors are circulating that Nintendo will release a cheaper version of the Switch. While some may question the necessity of another Switch model, Nintendo has actually done similar things in the past. Nintendo released the Wii Mini in 2012 as a cheaper alternative to the Wii. The company also released the 2DS in 2013. Of course, there was also the Game Boy Micro back in 2005. These consoles lacked features their main versions had, so it's likely a cheaper Switch will remove something - whether it be reducing the size, removing a dock, or something else entirely.

The Switch is a fascinating console to analyze and remains a fan favorite among the general public. The current game library is impressive, from Super Mario Odyssey to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. With a number of quality titles on the way, the Switch will continue to stay in the spotlight.

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